She Always Wins!

Week before last, my niece was pleading and trying to manipulate me into doing her hair. Said her cornrows were “jacked up” and need to be redone. Personally I couldn’t see anything wrong with them. I told her spritz her hair with some moisturizer and brush her edges and call it a day. Well turns out her do was only a week old anyway. She just wanted a different style.

Anyhoo, I figured she’d get her way some kinda way. And she did. She took her hair down the next week, and my sister put some flat twists in the front. She kept telling her mom over and over not to brush the “texture” out of her hair cause she wanted to wear a puff. Well y’all here it is…two days old and really, really napped up. I told her not to comb it or brush it in the morning. Just tie her edges down and fluff up her puff in the morning with her fingers. I’m talkin’ to her about preserving her ends now. Hope she understands. She rarely gets to wear it out of braid so now I’ve got a new learning curve on my hands.

Well it’s pretty darned cute if I may say so myself. And so is she! Beating Heart 


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