Duh! I am Nappy!

Tonight, me, my sister and my mom were sitting around talking about the Dumbass Ingoramous controversy in an rather animated fashion. We were also jumping from topic to topic while my 12-year-old niece was sitting there taking it all in a laughing at things that were being said. At one point, we were talking about the controversey about skin color when she piped up and interjected that one of her friends called her “piss colored.”

Ok… so of course this stopped us all dead in our tracks.

“What prompted that?” I ask

“Oh, it’s just something say to each other. We always refer to each other by our skin color,” she says.

“We’ll that’s just dumb,” says her mom.

“You know… You really challenge me to try to remember what it was like to be 12,” I say.

She shrugs it off, and we continue talking and carrying on. Then we get back to the Ignoramous controversy, and my niece pipes up again and says, all her friends like to play with her hair.

“Oh,” I say, “What do they do?

“They pull my twists down and when they spring back up, they say ‘boing,’ ” she says.

“Oh like I do?” I say. I love playing with her fat juicy twists, and it’s kinda a play thing I do with her all the time. “Well I’m surprised that no one has ever called you nappy headed.”

“I have been called nappy headed before,” she says. “They call me nappy headed all the time.”

Now y’all this is news to me, she’s never told this to me before. So I wanna know how she handles that.

“Really? Well what do you say to them when they call you nappy headed?”

Now this child gives me that look again, you know the one I’ve described in previous posts, like I’ve got three heads and two brains. She flips her twists with both hands and say, “Well duh,” I am nappy headed. “What am I supposed to say.”

We just all bust out laugh and high-five each other in agreement.

Gosh bein’ around a 12-year-old certainly keeps me on my toes. One day she’s asking why couldn’t she have been mixed, and today she’s telling us being nappy-headed ain’t no big deal. She was right on the money with that come back, I’ll tell ya.

 Beating Heart 


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