Wow! Imus is History! Time To REALLY go After Hip Hop and Rap Now!

I should be overcome with joy
I have to collect my thoughts on this. I should be really happy cause I NEVER in a MILLION years thought the white power structure would step up to the plate and right a grievous wrong. But really happy is not how I feel at the moment. Part of the problem is that I don’t think he gets it… you know? He thinks he’s a good person, and so do a whole lot of other white folks. For sure, there will be weeping in the streets today for him. I can never understand why white folks by and large NEVER think anything like this is really all that horrible. Seems like we go ’round and ’round in circles in debates over stuff like this with white folks on one side of the issue and black folks on the other. It’s never until there’s some sort of adverse economic impact that they will begrudgingly change their ways. This time was no different. I believe that if big sponsors hadn’t pulled the plug, Imus would still be packing to go on his two-week vacation right now. Honestly, I don’t think internal pressure at the big networks alone would have been enough to get rid of him. The money had to dry up first. Then put it all together… the public outcry, defecting sponsors plus internal pressure from within the ranks at NBC, MSNBC and CBS created the right atmosphere to help topple one of the most influential media personalities ever. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to all those other shock jocks and anyone else who thinks they can just say anything they want about blacks and other minorities, including women and especially black women and not have to face any serious consequences.

They did the right thing 
Funny how he and his producer McButthead (thanks mscocontxus  for that nickname) attributed the Wannabees vs. the Jigaboos production number to the wrong movie. They said it was from Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing,” but it’s actually a scene from a different Spike Lee movie, “School DaZe.” Ironic that he’s now unemployed because the white establishment finally did do the right thing  and got rid of him for calling those accomplished young ladies nappy-headed hos. Now hopefully they can get on with the business of enjoying the remainder of their school days at Rutgers, one of the best universities in the country, by having an opportunity to really celebrate their athletic accomplishments while knowing that Imus no longer has a platform to hurtle racist, sexist and undeserving names at anyone ever again.

Ok, that is until he writes his memoirs and begins doing speaking engagements around the country.

Wake up! Wake up!
I think the other reason that I’m not terribly happy is that getting rid of Imus is just the start. How can I be truly be happy when we have such a crisis in our own community with hip hop and rap artists whose music routinely spews the same horrible messages over the airwaves. We can’t stop with Imus. This can’t be over yet. I’m hoping this is a turning point and a catalyst. If we’re gonna do this right, we need to get busy and clean up our own backyard. Time to take a serious aim at hip hop and rap cause that stuff they’ve been feeding the last two-three generations of young people under the guise of art, self expression and freedom speech is sheer garbage. I’m sick of that madness too.

Detoxify the airwaves
My people, it ain’t alright to let these so-called artists call black girls and women hos and bitches on CDs and in videos and make millions of dollars doing it. They get rich and the owners of these big record companies get richer. It’s time to target owners of the big-ass corporations and take them to task. Then everyone has to be held accountable. We desperately need to make a concentrated effort to detoxify the air waves. All young women who buy and listen to this stuff need to stand up, be mad and STOP supporting this music! Like Maya Angelo said yesterday, any woman who would submit to being called a ho and a bitch is one step away from being a victim of domestic violence. We need to detoxify the airwaves so we can breathe some clean air for a change.Unfortunately, even with Imus gone, if we wanted to take a really deep breath right now, we’d choke.

The air is still very, very polluted.

One Response to “Wow! Imus is History! Time To REALLY go After Hip Hop and Rap Now!”
  1. Wanda says:

    Excellent post. You are so right.

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