Enough already with the Nappy-headed Ho comments!!!!!!!

Ok. I really want to be done with this nappy-headed ho stuff. I have no commentary left. I’m just sharing the article. 

Imus Virus Strikes NYPD
By Tracy Stokes, BET.com Staff Writer & Wire Services

Posted April 25, 2007 – The Imus virus apparently has spread to the New York City Police Department.

Three female NYPD officers – two Black and one Hispanic – say a male sergeant and an officer in their department , who are Hispanic, have obviously taken cues from fired, shock jock Don Imus, because their supervisors, during a recent roll call at their stationhouse, called them “hos,” The Associated Press reports.

The three women – officers Tronnette Jackson and Karen Nelson, who are Black, and Maria Gomez, who is Hispanic, said the incident happened where Abner Louima was assaulted a number of years ago – the 70th Precinct stationhouse in Brooklyn. It was April 15, a few days after Imus was fired by MSNBC and CBS Radio for describing members of the mostly Black Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team as “nappy headed hos” on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“Sgt. Mateo addressed roll by stating, ‘stand up hos,'” said Bonita Zelman, the officers’ attorney. “My clients refused to stand. At that time, Officer Montenez chimed in by saying, ‘Sarge, they are not just hos, but nappy-headed hos.'”

Officer Karen Nelson said that she was stunned and humiliated almost to the point of disbelief.

“It was an experience I will never forget,” she said.

“We just couldn’t believe we could hear that at a place we work by our own supervisor,” added Officer Maria Gomez.

“We felt violated, hurt, humiliated,” Officer Tronette Jackson said.

The sergeant and the officer in that incident have been transferred out of the precinct and stripped of their duties for the remarks, according to police officials.

But this wasn’t the only alleged case. Another officer said it happened to her in Queens three days earlier.

Aretha Williams, a longtime narcotics detective, said a White sergeant made similar remarks to her.

She said that her supervisor, who is now on leave, told her not to give him “lip” or he’d call her “a nappy-headed ho,” the same phrase used by Imus.

The comment “cut me to the core,” Williams said. “I find it disrespectful, racist, and sexist. It can’t be tolerated.”

 NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said if this did happen it’s “totally unacceptable.”

“This language is unacceptable under any circumstances and even more egregious when it comes from individuals in positions of authority,” he said in a statement, adding that investigations are underway in both incidents that could result in further disciplinary action.

All four women have filed complaints with the NYPD’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

2 Responses to “Enough already with the Nappy-headed Ho comments!!!!!!!”
  1. sbrown says:

    I was just saying to my husband the other day that one of us will have to go to rehab for making a slur against someone for their sexual preference (something that most argue is a characteristic they’re born with). But someone says a derogatory statement about us in reference to characteristics we’re definitely born with and it’s supposed to be a light-hearted joke. I am by no means racist. But there always seems to be a double standard when it comes to us.

  2. Lo says:

    The one thing I think was weird is that, ok I’m fine with the I’m not a ho, but the “you can see we don’t have nappy hair.” I mean to me I’m like what if they were “hos” with messy hair, that still doesn’t give anyone the right to degrade them on TV in regards to what they were degraded on…I am personally clever enough to make fun of people in all kinds of cruel ways and never bring up a person’s physical appearance, nationality, ethnicity or religion…



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