I’m NP’s May Napptural of the Month!

May 2007 Napptural of the Month

~Nappy Me~

This month’s NoTM is no surprise. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you would  have seen  Nappy Me with her GO PINK! fundraising efforts. She has only been with us for just over a year,  and has made quite an impression. She is always active, answering questions, helping newbies, jousting with oldies and generally up for any good discussion and having a good time. She’s one of those special members who is invaluable to me and the  community and I am proud to give her the spotlight in May.

First I’d like to acknowledge and thank you Dee for creating and maintaining this wonderful site. You’re a visionary and an  incredible inspiration to not only me (more so than you’ll ever know) but to thousands of women around the world. You’re a wonderful role model and you make me so proud to wear my hair nappturally and be a member of NP. Secondly, let me say thank you to everyone on NP who comes here to share their journeys and more with one another. Over this past year or so, I’ve learned much from all of you. Prior to finding NP, I had no idea this nappy Mecca even existed and now, I can’t imagine my nappy journey without it. I’m humbly honored to be NP’s NoTM.

My favorite Dee-ism: “Hell would have to freeze over before I would ever recommend someone use heat on their nappy hair.”

My favorite Mod-ism courtesy Mod W: “Contrary to popular opinion, I am my hair.”

I’m a child of the 60s and 70s — the “Say it Loud, I’m black and I’m Proud” era. By junior high, I was alternating between pressed hair and an afro. When I graduated from high school in 1979, I was still natural while everyone else was falling victim to the relaxer except me. In my house, we were scared of relaxers due to a run in I’d had with one when I was nine years old. Got it in the summer of ’69. Mom didn’t know anything about caring for relaxed hair and by Christmas I had no hair. She gradually cut the perm out and whipped out the flaming hot tool of hair torture once again.

Through most of college, I maintained pressed hair while all of my friends sported relaxers and Jheri curls. I particularly admired my friend Cynthia’s hair, and I found out she often did her own hair. So in my junior year, I purchased a Dark and Lovely kit, invited Cynthia over, and we did the deed in the kitchen

I loved it. No more pressing. No more reversion issues and best of all, I had wash and go hair. Little did I know, however, that I was embarking on a path that would set me up for nearly twenty years of having dry, brittle, broken off, damaged hair. Of course I never blamed the chemical — it was me — I just didn’t know how to care for relaxed hair. So on several occasions, I transitioned and grew out five to six inches of virgin hair, solely to relax again. I thought if I started with a head full of healthy hair, I’d have better results.


By Christmas 2001 I was living in Cleveland and for about the 7th time in twenty years, my hair was in horrible shape. It was thin, severely damaged and my kitchens were practically bald. Enough! No more chemicals. I’d simply go back to the press and curl that had served me so well when I was younger. But in the face of a diagnosis of Type II diabetes and the need to workout and lose weight, thermally styled hair proved impractical. So I got I loved them so much I wore them for almost four years.

Two years later I relocated to my hometown. Finding a braider was elusive, but I finally did and her services (when I could get them) were excellent. Her availability was not. So I started experimenting with twists but they looked awful because of product incompatibility and heat damage. Once again, something had to give. That’s when I found NP. I joined a year ago this past February, and it didn’t take long to buy into Dee’s mission in its entirety…especially the admonition against using heat to style nappy hair. With the proper care and products advice my hair began to thrive. I love it here, and I nowhere far from it anytime soon. Although I’d still be natural had I never discovered NP, I’m certain I wouldn’t be napptural. Because of Dee and NP, I now enjoy an unwavering and unconditional acceptance of my beautiful nappy hair.

Wow, do I love my nappy hair

My Nappistats
Last chemical fire cream
March 2002

Current length
14+ inches

No layers shoulder-length shrunken twists

Heat-free since Sept. 2006

On NP since Feb 2006

2 Responses to “I’m NP’s May Napptural of the Month!”
  1. Criss says:

    Congrats! I’m a recent visitor and recent happy nappy who’s found your blog to be helpful, witty, inspiring and fun. The NP honor is much deserved.

    I’m desperately growing out my TWA (5 inches and counting) and am wondering if there are any styling methods you can suggest that will allow me to show length without blowing out my hair. I’m taking your advice and going heat-free!

    Congrats again!

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Criss,
    Glad you’re finding NPP101 to be a great and entertaining resource on your napptural journey. Also glad to hear you’re about to go heat free.

    To show more length, twistouts and braidouts are two great way to go about doing that. With five inches of hair, it shouldn’t take too long before you go to bed to put your hair up in some great big fat plaits and twists and undo them in the morning.

    Hope that helps. Oh, and thanks for the cudos on me bing NP’s NoTM.

    Good luck on your nappy journey and keep coming back to NPP101!

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