Yo Hair is Still Nappy…

Peer Pressure to Perm her hair

My 12-year-old-niece’s hair is growing back quite nicely from her six-month bout with chemicals that left her with extremely damaged hair back at the tender age of six. Now, its been growing chemical free for six years, the same amount of time it had been growing before my sister let some hair dresser fry her baby’s hair with a relaxer.

Anywho, for the past two years, after she’s finished with basketball season, she starts wanting to see her hair straight. Since my sis doesn’t view heat as the enemy, she gives in for special occasions. I’ve talked to my niece enough about the dangers of heat so she is personally making an informed decision about wanting pressed hair. This time it was for her awards banquet this past Wednesday night.

My final words on the subject this time was to make an analogy to having sex. “Using heat is just like having sex,” I told her, “It only takes one time to get pregnant, and it only takes one time of putting heat on your hair to end up with damage.” She thought about it for a moment and nodded. But it didn’t work cause she got it pressed anyway.

Gosh, I hope she doesn’t do that when she has to make a decision about having sex before she’s ready. 

What was secretly funny to me is that she didn’t want her hair curled. She just wanted to wear it back in a bun with a whisp of hair hanging down in the front and slightly curled under. My sister was incredulous that she didn’t want to show off her length and was practically begging her to let her curl it. Of course I was rooting for the bun cause the less heat on her hair the better. My niece was so adament about not wanting to wear it hot curled that she told my sis if she couldn’t wear a bun, she didn’t want to go to the awards banquet.

“HEHEHEHE.” (I’m a stinker ain’t I?)

The next day at school, she wore it out in a low ponytail, which of course showed off her length and thickness a little better. So we were all curious about what kind of comments she got on her hair, because I don’t think she’s ever worn it pressed at her new school since she started going there last year.

She said a white girl asked her if she had ” ‘track’ in her hair.”

She said another little girl with a relaxer, told her that getting her hair pressed with a hot comb wasn’t good for her hair. Told her she should use a flat iron instead. My niece told her, “True, but you have a relaxer…and you hot comb and you curl your hair. So your hair couldn’t possibly be healthy.” Now she was sooo animated telling us this part, “What’s the difference between a flat iron and pressing comb,” she says while we listen to her with amusement. “And duh,” she says slapping her forehead, “How somebody with a perm gonna talk about my hair.”

Ok, so you know I’m loving this, right?

But my favorite one was this one…

She said one boy told her “So, yo hair is still nappy.” Of course I wanted to know what she said to him, and this was her come back.

“So what, don’t hate yourself…yo hair is nappy too.”

Ok…did she crack his face or what?  

Now when do I get my nappy niece back? 

9 Responses to “Yo Hair is Still Nappy…”
  1. Wanda L says:

    Tell your niece Great Comeback!!!!

    Maybe if we can get the young ones things will start to change.

  2. nappyme says:

    Wanda absolutely!

  3. ptb_chocl8 says:

    Too cute. That was an awesome comback.

  4. bebedee (from NP) says:

    There’s an 80-year-old woman hiding in that niece of yours! LOL She is somethin’ else!

  5. summerluv says:

    Gone girl!! At least you know the nappy education you’re instilling in your neice is sinking in.he may like to see her ahir straight evrey now and again, but she aint believin the hype!

  6. Escoveitch says:

    Her hair is so pretty! I hope she grows out of her straight hair phase soon.

  7. nappyme says:

    Escoveitch, ya know? Unfortunately, I really don’t think she will. I’m hoping that I’ve got her scared enough of relaxers that she won’t want to go near them with a 10 foot pole. I’m still working on getting her away from wanting straight hair for special occasions.

  8. NappyChic08 says:

    Man I hope my niece grows up to appreciate her napps the way your niece does.

  9. leia says:

    wish i could’ve been that proud of my hair at her age.

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