It Looks Just Like the Ones in the Store

A couple of weeks ago, I got dupped into doing my niece’s hair. It was soooo cute. Anyhoo, the following weekend, she spent the night with her cousins both of whom are permed and considerably older than her. She’s 12, the next oldest is 16 and the next one is 19. Why these teenage girls  … Continue reading

I took my hair down cause I didn’t want it to be jacked up…

I swear talking to my niece is like pulling hen’s teeth sometimes because she never gives you the full story, and even when you ask the right questions, you still don’t get all the answers. Are all teens and preteens like this? I swear it’s like she’s in training to be a politician. But I’ve … Continue reading

I Am So Feeling My Hair!

That wasn’t the case about a month ago. More than a year-and-a- half after abandoning thermal styling methods, the remainder of my heat damaged hair finally decided to break off. Back when I was abusing my hair with heat, one of my staple hair styles was a press and curl. And because I sweat so badly … Continue reading

Seven-year-old with severe traction alopecia

Yesterday, I was at a Sonic drive up restaurant and noticed the cutest little family. Looked like the grandparents were on a little outing with all of their grandchildren ranging in age from maybe 3 -10. One of the little girls with them had quite a severe case of what looked to be traction alopecia. … Continue reading