It Looks Just Like the Ones in the Store

A couple of weeks ago, I got dupped into doing my niece’s hair. It was soooo cute.

Anyhoo, the following weekend, she spent the night with her cousins both of whom are permed and considerably older than her. She’s 12, the next oldest is 16 and the next one is 19. Why these teenage girls  love hanging around my niece is really beyond me. But they’re both raised right, and they take good care of her so everyone is very comfortable with it.

Well, the next time I see her is the following Monday. She always wants to be my shadow so I let her ride with me while I ran an errand. That’s when she tells me, “My cousins really liked my hair. They kept playing with my puff, and they said it was really soft.”

I’m like “Really?” Although I think that’s kinda cute, I’m also thinking, geeze that would have driven me batty.


My niece: “Uh huh,” she says. “They said it looks just like the ones you buy in the store.” She’s crackin’ me up cause she’s justa beeming like that was a compliment.

Now y’all I suppose it is a compliment coming from permies who just don’t have a clue or a grip about natural hair. To them store bought hair is cute. So from their perspective, anyone that can achieve that look with their own natural hair, well, I guess that’s really “tight” as my niece would say. Or was that last month’s slang for good these days. I’ll have to check with her on that one.

So I’m like “Really? You should have told them nooooooo, those store bought things look like MY hair. That’s what you should have told them. The people who make those things are copying them from us, NOT the other way around.”

She thinks about that for a minute and says, “That’s true…I never thought of that.”

And with that, she shrugs, switches gears, and the next thing I know, we’re talking about what she did in Girls Scouts that day. 

But really, I’m too thru with that comment about her hair. Geeze, it looks like store bought hair? Boy are our frames of reference are really skewed when it comes to nappy hair.


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