Hair Boogers…Oh My!

What’s the worse mixture of products that you’ve ever put in your hair? Or the worse thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

This is a question I posed to members of my hair board,, which has become a thriving little community for women who want to celebrate, learn about and share their experiences when it comes to taking care of cNapp hair. Below, is my post from the General cNapp discussion forum about my recent experience of layering some incompatible products. A couple of my members shared their own experiences, for which I am grateful cause quite frankly stupidity…er…misery…er ignorance ***sigh*** simply loves company and I hope others will eventually add to this thread. Of the two responses so far, Iamnotmyha1r’s post about her experience and ensuing advice about avoiding “hair boogers” really hit home and simply had me rolling with laughter. While it sounds disgusting, it aptly described the gunk this combination of products left in my hair. To tell you the truth, before I ever put more than one styling product in my hair ever again, I’ll definitely follow her advice. Enjoy!

My Post…
The reason I ask is because it just had to shampoo to get the yuckiest combination of products out of my hair. On occasion, I’ll use different moisturizing products. Currently, my moisturizer of choice is Right On Curl Activator by Lustrasilk. But I ran out. And because I’m cheap, cheap, cheap, I tried to save a few pennies and purchased Smooth Shine Curl Activator Gel for extra dry hair. Also has aloe Vera in it. Well, it was aight but it had a thicker consistency to it that I wasn’t necessarily crazy about.

Anyhoo, between rinsings, I had gotten a little ambitious with my styling and had worn about three different styles in as many weeks. Very unlike me cause once I do a style, I’m usually in it for the duration unless I really don’t like it. So when I did style #3, I remoisturized with Fantasia IC gel. Now the first time I used it, I liked the way it made my twists look, but it left my hair feeling rather sticky feeling. This time around, I used it on top of the Smooth Shine stuff already in my hair.

Well I left that in for another week and when I went to take my twists out my hair felt so disgusting that I was wishing for a pair of latex gloves to wear. This stuff combined to feel like Elmer’s glue. You know what it feels like on your hands, just before it gets all the way dry. Sticky and gooey. It also left globs of grayish looking goo in my hair, which when I detangled, I got flecks of grey goo gobs all over me. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Yuck.

Ewe, I didn’t even want to touch it. My hair was excruciating to take down. I kept having to rinse my hands because they were soo sticky. I even had lint embedded in my hair and that NEVER happens. The link got all caught up in my shed hair and got so badly entangled that I had to pick and cut the lint/knot balls out of my hair. I was soooo disgusted by the whole experience that I threw the Fantasia gel away. I couldn’t wait to shampoo…yes shampoo…my hair. EWE!!!

Lawd hammercy. Lesson definitely learned!!!

Ms. MSK writes


Newly Posting Nap
Posts: 26
Registered: Sep 2007
 Posted November 18th, 2007 10:13 AM                

When I had locs, I attempted to do a hot oil treatment. After I left the oil in for a little while, I washed my hair with Dr. Woods Almond Castile Soap. My hair did not get clean. It just made my hair more oily. I thought I had properly washed my hair, but I was wrong. While towel drying my locs, I noticed that oil was coming out of my hair. It’s like the oil and the soap created this white buildup on and inside my locs. That had never happened before. There was some vo5 lying around so I used that to get the oil out. I’m not sure how many times I had to rewash my hair.

Imnotmyha1r writes…


Newly Posting Nap
Posts: 20
Registered: Nov 2007
 Posted November 18th, 2007 10:51 PM               

the first week i went natural (like 2 days after the cut – so i was still kinda emotional about losing my hair) my bf and I were getting ready for church and I put the “kinky curly” brand curling custard in my hair. So i wanted to do something to smooth the front and edges so I added some Jam Gel. Those 2 products argued to no end. I had millions of white/grey “hair booger” looking things all over my hair and almost had a nervous breakdown!!! Then my bf comes in the bathroom, saw what in the world was taking me so long and he proceeded to wash my hair in the sink, comb my hair out, and calm me down… I mean that stuff was ALL over my hair, and it was white and gooey, and brushing it made it worse !!

so… my advice about mixing products it to do the “booger test” and mix a little bit in your hands before you put them together in your hair.


OK…so now that you’re thoroughly grossed out, feel free to add your own experiences to this post cause I’d love to hear about them. Nothing like sharing your experiences and imparting some wisdom so that hopefully someone else can learn from your mistakes!

9 Responses to “Hair Boogers…Oh My!”
  1. Scribblescrabble says:

    Seven years ago after my first BC I mixed oil, avocado and way too much liquid lecithin and put it in my hair as a deep conditioner. The result was horrible, I might as well have put rubber cement in it. I mean my hair was waxy, plastered together , hard and stiff! I had to shampoo like 5 times that day and a couple of times the following week. My hair was so dry for a while after that.

    Another time I put fantasia IC on my hair even though I had a thick creamy leave in and oil in it and I had the same result you did, slimy hair gook that formed little balls. It was disgusting and I had to clarify to get it all out.

    I will try the “booger test” from now on, I wish I had heard of it sooner. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and Happy Thanksgiving! We leave in 2 days to get our sweetie, then I get to do some hair. 🙂

  3. Afrodite says:

    I got this terrible product buildup when I tried a deep conditioning treatment that had eggs in it. My hair did not like it and I had to co-wash a few times to get it out!

  4. Ms-gg says:

    The worst combination for me is Cantu Shea Butter and Aloe Vera gel….I think it is something about Aloe Vera Nappyme cause I got those hair buggers too! I remember I untwisted my hair and thought I was rockin the heck out of my twist out when I caught a glimpse of my hair in the mirror in the car and I had ALLLLL these little product build up balls in my hair…it was nasty…I was so mad I had to rinse out my cute style….mayne….

  5. It is so interesting that you brought this topic up! I had the same dilemma with Fantasia ic Gel and Cantu Leave-In Conditioning cream. The ic Gel is pretty much a solo product. I think it has something to do with the glycerin, but I’m no chemist.

    Check my blog on this topic:


  6. nappyme says:

    Mss-gg and BrightTrotter I’m not sure what the problem is but my guess was that the aloe and the glycerin didn’t like each other. And BT, I think you’re right, the IC Gel is most definitely a solo product. I used it before, by itself and while it was sticky it certainly didn’t leave all those hair boogers behind. I’ll tell ya though, whatever it was, don’t think I’ll be using the IC Gel again anytime soon!

    Thanks for your posts!


    Hey esperandoaiyasu…good for you! Can’t wait to read all about your trip to get the new addition to your family…nappy hair and all!

    God Bless!


    Scribblescrabble, you and me both. Doing the booger test from here on out will save us all a whole lot of grief!

  7. Angela says:

    The olive oil & water combo sprayed daily that I’ve heard so much about ended up not being good for my daughter’s hair (I emailed you a pic of her awhile back). I don’t think I’d describe them as boogers, but unbraiding her hair was not delightful.

    Angela 🙂

  8. Jojo_iz_Nappy says:

    I used WGO, glycerine and this Paul Mitchel Coconut Curling spray to double strand.

    When I got to work the next day, I had hair buggers everywhwere, with greasy, gooey hair!

  9. sundayzchild says:

    I laughed out loud reading all the other posts and had to add my own…. I think I even have pictures in my fotki to prove it….

    I mixed molasses in with DPR 11 and oil and was feeling really creative – whoa!! brown boogers – the worst kind in my opinion. Looked like a certain other by product of the human body. Not cute! and left me with crispy hair to boot.

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