Moisturizer from Dollar Tree, Maintaining Nappy Hair on the Cheap

For me, it’s all about maintaining my natural hair without spending a lot of money. Can it be done? I think it can. But in this case…hmmm… am I setting myself up for a “You get what you pay for” experience? Could be.

 But dang it, when it comes to keeping my hair moisturized, I’m cheap. Cheap I tell ya, cheap, cheap, cheap. But hey, when you considered what I spent trying to maintain relaxed hair for twenty years, I probably could have paid cash for a car at some point. Y’all know that $60 every six weeks, plus sometimes weekly visits for shampooing and weekly conditioning, in addition to all the products that was supposed to moisturize, strengthen and promote growth, the moolah really adds up. I think I calculated what I spent on my hair on a yearly basis once, and it added up to several house payments. Looking back, I find that utterly ridiculous. Ah…and what about all the curling irons, heating caps, conditioning caps, rollers, do rags and hooded hair dryers and other stuff I purchased to keep my hair on point. Simply mind boggling when I think about it…so let’s not…ok?

But yeah I have thought about it — a lot. And thinking about it has now turned me into a miser when it comes to spending money on my hair. I just can’t get with all the expensive potions, butters, oils, creams, etc., etc., etc., when one of the first things I found that kept my hair moisturized sufficiently was some good ‘ole Carefree Moisturizer. I don’t use it anymore, but my mom does and her hair is thriving. As a result, I’ve found that most any water/glycerin-based moisturizers work quite well, and thankfully, as long as those two are the primary ingredients in a product, I can pretty much use it and get decent, to very good, to excellent results. That makes me really happy cause it means I’m not tied to a specific brand. So when my trusty Proline Lite Combthru Moisturizer went up in price and got smaller in size (that was a bummer cause I really loved that stuff), I simply moved on to something different. That’s when I discovered that Lustrasilk’s Right On Dry Curl Gel Activator worked just fine. Although more economical, I’m still on the lookout for more product for less money and that’s why this no-name brand moisturizer from Dollar Tree caught my eye.

Alrighty then.  So here I am in Dollar Tree tonight looking for some light bulbs, and yes I happened down the hair product aisle. Well, I’m almost out of gel moisturizer, and I spy with my little eye this huge 38 oz tub of clear gel activator moisturizer. It’s called Method of Style Professional Formula. Hehehe…yeah right whatever they need to quit. I’m not easily swayed by such marketing ploys. In fact I usually ignore such claims cause in the end it will either work or it won’t so these tactics don’t really matter to me. I’m after a cheap product that will give me results. Plus, I figure, if I don’t like it, I’m only out of a buck. Can’t beat that. And as cheap as I am, I’ll probably take it back.

So will it work? Really don’t see why not. This particular brand doesn’t contain glycerin but it does have a synthetic humectant in it, which doesn’t matter right now anyway since there’s no humidity in the air from which it can wick moisture. But I’m counting on the water and some of the other ingredients to moisturize my hair and to act as emollients to keep it soft. In fact, I just rubbed some between my fingers and it’s very light feeling and there’s no stickiness at all. If this stuff works like I think it will, I’ma go back and get another tub cause after all, this is a “dollar store” and from one week to the next they may not even stock the same product again.

I’ma twist my hair up with this stuff tomorrow and let you know in a couple of days how I like it. Shoot, I might even do a few test twists tonight. Stay Tuned!

15 Responses to “Moisturizer from Dollar Tree, Maintaining Nappy Hair on the Cheap”
  1. chigyrl says:

    Have you used any of the bioInfusion products?
    If so, then what are your opinions about these products?

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Chigyrl, sorry I haven’t used bioInfusion products.

  3. Ms-gg says:

    Come on now Nappy Me…let us know how it went down! I think I seen this stuff at my dollar tree but passed it up…it sounds about right…it was this HUGE tub of activator but me being an ameteur in hair product ingredients I didnt notice the humectant in it….I just noticed alot of ingredients that werent recognizable to me…but if it works for you Imma give it a try….Im all about saving a few bucks too….

  4. nappyme says:

    Alrighty girl this one is for you. I decided to wait until I had a chance to rinse my hair cause I didn’t want to layer products. Well, I just rinsed my hair last night, retwisted. The verdict, I love it. But here’s the deal. I’m finding that nothing really light is working all by itself in this winter air. So I ended up spooning some into another jar and adding a few drops of jojoba oil. A little bit of this stuff goes a really long way. Girrrrrllll, today my hair is soooo soft. I just feels great. It also did a wonderful twistout today as well. So this one is a keeper. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll be on my way to Dollar Tree to pick up a couple more jars of this stuff. I don’t mind stocking up on things I know will work.

    Although this stuff doesn’t have glycerin in it, it does have another humectant in it that should work great once summer rolls around again.

    If you’ve spotted this stuff in a Dollar Tree near you, go for it!

  5. Ms-gg says:

    good looking out! I work right by dollar tree and Imma see if they still have it (they better! lol)

  6. mymy says:

    Do you only use this product to twist your hair, or do you reapply it to freshen up your twists? Does it work for out styles, like puffs?

  7. nappyme says:

    Hi mymy and welcome!
    Yes I do. I use it to do my twists and then I will reapply as necessary to freshen up my twists. In the summer time it works quite well for puffs. during the winter, I’ll add a few drops off jojoba oil to it to make it a bit more substantial. Don’t need much cause a litte will go a really long way.

  8. lila (22) says:

    Hi everyone! Firstly can I say the best thing I EVER did for my self esteem was to go Natural. Secondly I have never had anything but positive remarks about my natural hair (VERY thick, VERY curly…BEAUTIFUL) My boyfriend absolutely loves it and whenever I tie it back because I feel like I’m having a hair day he always pulls a sad face (don’t hide that beautiful hair away baby), Although his opinion matters to me, ultimately I feel happy in myself whether he likes it or not. THIRDLY, being natural isn’t always easy, finding products worth your dollar (especially in the UK where I reside) is, I have found a ,lengthy process. Now I thought I’d pipe up with a couple of products I have found that are, in my opinion, AWESOME. Firstly anything from the Curlz range is brilliant, It smells delish and doesn’t leave build up, I use the spiral curls creme. Secondly URBAN RETREAT, I use the moisturizer This is like a gel I use a tiny bit and combine it with a little aloe vera to maintain moisture. This stuff is fab and you only have to use a tiny bit (although over a four day period can cause white flakiness which is annoying) Finally ladies there isn’t anything more striking than seeing a black woman strutting down the street proudly displaying her hair in all it’s natural glory (i find a killer pair of statement earrings only serve to enhance an already hypnotising look), so be proud, be free be natural. peace x

  9. lkupiec says:

    Hey nappy me I work at dollar tree glad to see you found some stuff that works and thanks for the comment. I to use allot of there products they have a great sea salt and sugar facial scrubbs and I have noticed a great deal on my skin it cleans pores and softens your skin ……

  10. nappily happy says:

    i just bought the lustrasilk right on dry gel activator, i went natural about a month ago, i’ve been using a variety of natural oils but i want something that will maintain moisture i’ve got very thick hair and it dries very easily, how well did this product work for you? i really need to find something to keep my ends soft and my hair moisturized.

    • nappyme says:

      I loved it…in the summertime. Wintertime not so much. I’ll tell you one product that works incredibly well both in the summer and winter is Proline Softener. I love the way it makes my hair feel. The only problem is that the darned stuff smells just like baby lotion. I don’t know about your but I don’t want to walk around smelling like baby lotion. If you don’t mind, that could be something to try. You’ll often find it marketed with Proline’s men’s products. And now that I think about it, it’s amazing to me that a man would want to smell like baby lotion. If they ever change the scent, I’d switch to that product in a heart beat.

  11. please help says:


    Is this product only sold at Dollar Tree? I googled the name and havent found it online. Is this a discontinued gel?

    • nappyme says:

      ^^^It was some off brand gel and I wouldn’t be surprised if they never got it back in where I found it in the first place. If I recall, I never found it online either. Sowee.

  12. dutch84 says:

    I looked up the product on and they don’t have it. In fact, they don’t have ANY moisturizers any more. 😦 Do you know anywhere else that I can find a cheap moisturizer?

    • nappyme says:

      Dutch you can find the Proline moisturizer most anywhere. Walgreens, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supply. If you google it you should be able to find it online as well.

      Good luck!

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