Gorgeous nappy on Episode of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

Ok… I was walking through the living room earlier this evening and my mom is laying on the sofa watching House of Payne. I’m not a fan of this show in the least although I did TRY, but it’s just not that entertaining to me. So, I sit for a minute and talk with my mom who is laid up with gout so badly she can’t put any pressure on her foot. She and I talk for a while and then I spy a gorgeous nappy in this particular episode. So the TV is actually turned straight on towards the sofa so I don’t really have a good view of the screen from where I’m sitting. I get all excited and say,

“How is she wearing her hair.”

Mom: “I don’t know what’s wrong with it.”

Now that’s when I get up and walk up to the TV so I can get a better look. I mean y’all this woman’s hair was drop dead gorgeous. It look like a fro made from a coil-out. It was sooooooo thick and luscious.

Me: “Oh my gosh. That is sooooooo gorgeous!!!!
Mom: “Oh.” Now I couldn’t see her face because the lights were out, but I imagine this might have been her expression.

Me: Ignoring the fact that she thinks the woman’s hair is totally wack, I purposely gush even more over her hair. “Oh my stars, yes, it is drop dead gorgeous. It looks like a twist-out or a coil-out. Wow that is sooo pretty. I love it!”

Mom: “Oh…OK.”

Inside I am cracking up cause she is having no part in finding anything remotely attractive about the way this nappy lady was wearing her hair. And she ain’t likely to come around with that point of view either. Bless her heart. Oh well.


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