Pee on my head…and other purely random nappy musings…

These are my totally random thoughts as they passed through my head at various times today. Here they are in no particular order or importance…. You might find them interesting so I hope you enjoy!

*Pee on my head! Ok…not mine!
Ever hear the saying, “Don’t pee on my head and tell me that it’s raining?” Well now I find out that peeing on my head could be beneficial. Ok, well I wouldn’t want to use someone else’s pee. Nor am I crazy about using my own pee, but thanks to a thread on Nappturality about Urine Therapy, I have discovered the virtues of pee. According to all the information I’ve dug up, Pee…ok Urine Therapy, which goes all the way back to the biblical days and has been used in every culture to cure what ails you. Shoot you can even drink your own pee if you’re in a pinch and it could save your life. Hmmm… Pee therapy??? Anyone game???? On NP, someone is trying it on their scalp because they’ve tried everything else they can think of to get rid of some stubborn, nasty dandruff. To get over the ewe factor, do an Internet search on Urine Therapy and see what you come up with. Trust me, you’ll find some interesting stuff out there. So that’s your homework for tonight. Feel free to come back and tell me what you think.

*I think I have more hair on my right side than my left side.

*I think I’m experiencing a mid-winter growth spurt. Same time last year I thought the same thing.

*I’ve got this weird pattern of shrinkage. Right behind my ears my hair shrinks more than the surrounding hair. In the mornings I always have to re-twist several on each side so that my hair doesn’t look so ragged in these spots.

*Saw a group of young kids, well teenage boys, standing in the door at the grocery store the other day, and one of them had the thickest, most gorgeous cornrows and I told him so. And he surprised me by saying, “Yeah, and it’s all mine.” So I turn around and laugh with them, cause apparently his homies thought that was funny and so I say, “Ha! So is mine!.” Guess they thought that was amusing too so we all got a good laugh as I made my way into the store to do a little shopping.

*I still hate my hairline. I’ve been babying it for two years without much success. What’s up with that? I took this picture nearly two years ago and my hair in these exact same spot is still the same length. I’ve talked with a couple of beauticians and apparently it’s not unusual for women to start seeing hair loss in these areas as they age. One even told me to be happy that I still HAVE hair right there. I got to thinking about that and she’s right. I can remember when my sister-in-law started losing hair in these exact same spots. And I can think of several other women who also have some thinning in these areas as well. Ok…this sucks. Now the picture on the right shows how short my hair line is all across the front. Again, taken approximately two years ago and again, can you say it with me. Ok…all together now, “NO PROGRESS!” Grrrrr. I would love to be able to just pull my hair back into a puff without having to find something to lay my edges down. But nothing I do works. They’re ruff and they’re tuff and they don’t take no stuff! So I’ve become addicted to wearing plastic hair bands and scarves to hide my ragged edges. Now I know what you’re thinking. I’m stressing out my hairline with these bands and scarves. Well I’m not. I only wear a puff about six weeks total throughout the entire year — about three weeks in the summer and the maybe later sometime in the fall. This year I wore one for about three weeks in January. So that’s not enough to even account for why I can’t seem to grow out my hairline. Ok, well alrighty then. I give up. I think they’ll always be like this and it’s just something I’ll have to live with. My mom has the exact same problem so at the very least, I can blame this problem on genetics.

*Winter is wrecking havoc on my hair. I’m jumping through sooooo many hoops to keep my hair moisturized it ain’t even funny. It’s not that the stuff isn’t working, it just isn’t as sustaining as it usually is during the summer when humidity can help. But of course during the winter months it’s cold and the air is extremely dry and boy oh boy, so is my hair. I’m moisturizing every dang day now whereas during the summer I can go up to four days sometimes before I have to moisturize again. Well, I knew this was coming and for that very reason, I was dreading having to care for my hair this winter because of it.

*My favorite post of the day comes from LBellatrix on NP who in response to a question asking folks what length of hair they look best in, she responds, “If we’re talking about the kind of “hangage” that would come from twists or braids, then I look good in any length.” smile.gif I’m like, I LOVE IT!

 Ha and how could I forget this. My hair board, turned one year old on February 11. I’m so excited. It has really grown into a wonderful resource for women with cNapp hair. This is a shout out to all my members that have made CNN, as we affectionately call it, such an enjoyable place to hang out. Without you there’s no community and I’m sooooo grateful you all have made it into such a growing, thriving little peace of hair haven heaven right in our own little corner of the Internet. So here’s to us! Cheers gang!

4 Responses to “Pee on my head…and other purely random nappy musings…”
  1. Stacey says:

    Maybe your nighttime scarf is stressing your hairline? I mean at night we are moving and maybe the scarf is rubbing at your hairline. Just a thought. Hope you start to see progress. 🙂


  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Stacey!
    Hmmm… I…don’t…think…so but hey I’ll consider anything. Thanks for dropping the possiblity.

  3. japrincess says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now….I love it! If you have problems moisturizing your hair, you might want to try the Kinky-Curly line. Just google it and go to their website. It’s all natural and leaves no build-up (that I have experienced anyway). And Herbal Essences hydrating conditioner is also pretty good. i hope this helps

  4. nappyme says:

    Japrincess, you’re such a sweetie! I’m so used to giving people advice that it’s rare for me to receive recommendations or advice from others. Thank you, when I get the chance, I’ll look the Kinky-Curly line up.

    Take care,

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