Having Natural Hair Is Serious Y’all…No Lye!

A young lady, who’s online name is Acting drama just posted the vid on the next page on YouTube. It’s a wonderful testimony to the feelings many of us have struggled with as we’ve made the decision to go and stay natural. Some folks’ decision may have been easier than others but make no mistake about it, many, many, many women … Continue reading

Run For Your Lives…My Monster Puff is on the Loose!

    Ok… So my twistout only lasted a couple of days and I ended up with putting my hair in a puff. It was sooooo huge that it made me chuckle as I looked at myself in the mirror. I simply couldn’t believe how big it was. I have about 12-14 inches of hair all … Continue reading

Rock Your TWA! Cute You Tube Rap Vid

Tracie Mae, is such a cutie pie and has quite a talent for creating rap videos on You Tube that promote natural hair. She’s simply adorable and trust me, if you’ve got a TWA you can’t help but feel really, really cute and rocking to the catchy little refrain “Rock Your T-Double-You-A.” Beware to those of … Continue reading

2008 BSL Challenge

Ok… If y’all frequent nappturality then you know that back in December I started a Bra Strap Hair-Length Challenge. Basically, I invited anyone who was in striking distance of growing their hair (kitchen/nape area) to reach their bra strap within the next year to join me in charting their progress toward this goal. To my … Continue reading

Midwinter blahs lead to Gorgeous Twistout!

Man I have the midwinter blues with my hair. Bored to tears. I’ve been wearing a head full of twists for over two weeks now. And they still looked good but I was sooooo itching for a change. So after agonizing over the practicality of taking down a perfectly good head full of twists, I … Continue reading

Cute little Nappy in Tyler Perry’s New Movie “Meet the Browns”

Have y’all noticed that TP does a fairly good job at making sure natural hair is worn by some woman in most of his movies? Well then you won’t be disappointed with his latest movie. Meet the Browns. There’s an adorable little nappy-headed chile playing Angela Basset’s daughter. Looks like twists or locks. Right at the moment, I don’t … Continue reading