2008 BSL Challenge

Ok… If y’all frequent nappturality then you know that back in December I started a Bra Strap Hair-Length Challenge. Basically, I invited anyone who was in striking distance of growing their hair (kitchen/nape area) to reach their bra strap within the next year to join me in charting their progress toward this goal. To my surprise there were a lot of women who joined the challenge, and I was delighted to have the company.

At first I thought I had six inches to go to reach this goal, but turns out I was only like two inches away. With 1/2-inch growth per month, I figured I my hair would reach bra strap length by April. I had intended to do updates every two months. But I’m antsy about this so I’ve been doing updates every month.

Well from month-to-month it doesn’t look like a lot of progress. But when I compared January’s length to a picture I took today, you can clearly see the how well I’m retaining length. I’m actually grazing BSL.  That means that my lower layers should be comfortably at BSL by next month this time.

I’ll tell ya, I’m really excited about this. No time in my life has my hair ever been this long. I always knew I had the potential to grow my hair long, I just didn’t know how. But proof is in the naps baby. My hair has never been healthier or longer than it is right now. Wearing my protective styles for the past two years is really paying off. I’m starting to see the length and fullness with that length that I so desire to have. So here are the pics. I’ll keep y’all updated from here on out on my progress. Once I reach this goal, I intend to work on growing out my layers, so I’ll hold the line at BSL for one year to allow the rest of my hair to catch up. Right now, the hair in my crown is about shoulder length and from there I have some hair that’s about APL, that’s armpit length for those of y’all that don’t know hair board lingo. So I figure this time next year, all my hair will be BSL.

Well I’ve rambled enough. Here are the comparison pics. I hope they’re an inspiration to anyone who desires longer hair. You can get there too, if you’re willing to have the patience to learn to care for and nurture your precious naps. Be nice to them and they’ll definitely reward you as mine has done for me.

12 Responses to “2008 BSL Challenge”
  1. Bernag06 says:

    Wow!! Your hair is definitely on the grow! I would join the BSL challenge on NP, but my longest length of hair is only at my collarbone, so far 😦

  2. nappyme says:

    Yep! It’s definitely growing nicely. If your hair is at your collarbone, then you can join the APL challenge.

  3. caligurl says:

    hey nappyme, I joined the challenge a couple months ago but have had my hair in braids. they are coming down in a week so I’ll update the progress. It is exciting to have healthy hair

  4. nappyme says:

    Hi Caligurl,
    Well I can’t wait to see your progress! We’re all on the grow!

  5. mymy says:

    Nappy Me, congrats on the growth, but most importantly the health of your hair. That is what I love to see most. My most important goal for my hair is for it to be healthy, then for it to be long. You were really scientific with the measurements too. I don’t know if you did it on purpose or not, but you were wearing the same bra in the photos. I’d set it aside and use it as your measuring stick because after a while even a good bra will wear out.

  6. nappyme says:

    Thanks mymy. Girl yes I was wearing the same bra on purpose and too late on wearing it out. LOL. The underwire snapped today at work. I was like dang…this is my favorite bra. Well, I can still use it as a measuring stick though. But other than that, it’s definitely done with its tour of duty. 🙂

  7. Nordia Oakley says:

    Can i join this challenge?

    If yes, how do i sign up and what do i do?

    I find this very interesting and i have always been intersted in having the lenght of my hair grow alot.

  8. nappyme says:

    Hi Nordia!
    Sure you can join the challenge. I’m coordinating it on Nappturality.com in a thread on that hair board called BSL Challenge Part II. Here’s the link: http://www.nappturality.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=113590

    Now of course, you’d have to be a member of the forum to post and join the challenge. And to be a part of it, the only stipulations are that you

    *Should be able to reach your goal by the Dec. 2008
    *Just keep doing whatever you’re doing to retain your length. If you’re within striking distance of that goal, you must be doing something right so unless you need to change up, just keep with your same routine
    *Post pics or verbal updates periodically to let us know how you’re coming along. You can also post stuff about your routine or anything else related to the challenge and reaching your goals.

    So that it’s it. If you’re so inclined, please do join. If you’re not close enough in length to meet this goal, there are other length challenges going on as well. I know there’s a shoulder length challenge, an armpit length challenge, a baldie and twa grow out challenge and just a plain ole length retention challenge.

    There’s something for everyone. So come on over and join in the fun!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I found your website by accident and i absolutely love it. I have very dry thick 4a/b hair and it gets tangled easily, i loose alot of hair on wash day. What products do you use to keep your hair and ends moisturized and healthy?

  10. Gerrica says:

    Wow!!! Your hair is so pretty, healthy, and thick. This is what I’m reaching for. What are your long term hair length goals?

  11. nappyme says:

    Hi Gerrica,
    Thanks! I want all of my length as it is combed down to be Bra strap length. So I’ve been cutting my lowest layers to hold the line there. My hair is longest at the top at about 14 inches and shortest at the nape at about 11 inches or so. What you see in that picture is the hair closest to my nape which is the shortest but reaches my bra strap. It’s going to take about another three inches for the hair in the top to reach BSL… It think. I might have to have my mom or my sis to help with measuring my hair in the back.

    But it’s coming along nicely. No complaints! It’ll stay in twists for the rest of the summer so I can retain optimum length.

  12. Oneya says:

    How ironic! I am on a BSL Challenge myself, hopefully I’ll get there by July 20th. I want to see what my terminal length.You have great progress! I’ll be keeping up with you.

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