Run For Your Lives…My Monster Puff is on the Loose!


Ok… So my twistout only lasted a couple of days and I ended up with putting my hair in a puff. It was sooooo huge that it made me chuckle as I looked at myself in the mirror. I simply couldn’t believe how big it was. I have about 12-14 inches of hair all around and that makes for a really massive puff.  These pics were taken later that evening, this past Friday, and even with shrinkage my puff was huge. Someone on my forum, has a little saying in the signature of her posts “I rock ruff and tuff in my afro puff” or something like that. Well I changed it to say, “I rock ruff and tuff in my MONSTER puff.”


As I suspected it would, it turned a lot of heads. I kept seeing people trying to look at my monster puff out of the corner of their eyes. It made me really want to burst out laughing cause whatever they were thinking — be it complimentary or not so — people just aren’t used to seeing a head full of REAL natural hair worn out in all its glory. They don’t quite know what to make of it, and I was getting a big kick out of all the sideways glances I was getting all day. 

As much as I enjoyed my puff, it did create a couple of minor annoyances because I kept hitting my puff on the top of the door frame as I was getting in and out of my car. Also, I always had to fluff my fro out in the back after getting out of my car because it would get flattened as I relaxed my head against my head rest as I was driving. Other than that I really had fun letting my hair out for a few days…first in my twistout and then in my puff. Today, I actually was going to try a roller set, and I even went and purchased some flexirods. But I discovered, rather rediscovered, I don’t have the patience to try to do this myself. So, I have one unopened pack of flexirods that I’ll return to the beauty supply store tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll wear my puff one more day, (maybe, maybe not…just depends on how I feel Sunday…oh it is Sunday now so that would be later today 🙂 ) and then I’ll put my hair back into some type of protective style until I feel the urge to unleash the naps again.

I think I’m finally over my restless hair syndrom. Plus dang it, my scalp is kinda sore from doing some many things to it over the past couple of days including having to detangle it so I could cleanse it, remoisturize, twist it back up and let it air dry. Then I pulled it back into a puff again on Saturday. Now I’ve taken that down as I try to talk myself into a marathon styling session that will last for a couple of weeks. So my po head is tired. It now needs a rest, apparently, from me!

15 Responses to “Run For Your Lives…My Monster Puff is on the Loose!”
  1. I love your puff! Keep rocking that monster!

  2. Sharon says:

    Looking really good girl!! Coincidentally I am rocking a big puff today at work, like you I had a twist out to begin with then it got so that I had to puff it out anyway. My husband, daughter, best friend, mother and brother (all people I trust to tell me the absolute truth no matter what!!!) all commented on how great it looks and how much it has grown. Got to work and it’s like ‘oh your wearing your hair out…’ always negative vibes coming from the same individuals, but I must admit, I have finally come to a point in my life where I don’t care what they think, I actually do like my hair, or I would’ve had a perm or mashed it up with hot comb and curling irons just to conform to their perception of what is ‘beautiful and normal’. It truly is wonderful to leave my house every day with my head held high, confident and proud to be black! People like yourself makes it so much easier, so thank you so much for your fantastic website you really helped me during my transitioning days in 2006. From a happy nappy haired woman in the UK.

  3. Jac says:

    Oh Dear Lord, another fabby nappy hair blog, forum and a whole load of nappy hair info! I’m gonna have to draw up a timetable to manage my time better, lol! LOVE your blog! LOVE your monster puff – I’ll have me one of those in 2 years time, please God! And I love your work!Joined the forum yesterday and still finding my way around! Bright blessings lady!

  4. lilkemet says:

    WOW keep rockin that monster afro lol! I love afros and I am trying to look after my afro keeping it nice n soft. But your afro is looking good I liked your twists on your other posts too. Much love for your blog.

  5. nappyme says:

    Thanks lilkemet and Jac! Jac…. I’ve seen you all over the forum and welcome sis!

  6. gr2006 says:

    That one hot monster puff alright girl – i LOVE it!!!!

  7. nappyme says:

    ^^^Thanks again!

  8. criss says:

    OOoo, I’m so jealous. How many years did it take for your puff to get that big?

  9. nappyme says:

    Hi Criss and welcome to NPP101!
    Much longer than it should have. I’ve been natural for more than six years now and honestly, it’s only been within the last couple of years that I’ve learned how to retain significant length. So if I knew then what I know now… who knows, my puff could have been twice as big as it is now! LOL and then wouldn’t that be a sight to see!

  10. baldisbelle says:

    your afro is HOT!!
    you make wearing hair natural so much easier,, thru your tips and confidence.

    keep rocking it

  11. ms-gg says:

    lookin good nappyme! You are so one of my inspirations! Hopefully one day I’ll see bsl too. Gone and rock that afro puff with your bad self! lol

  12. nappyme says:

    Awe ms-gg thanks! And you will see bsl one day if that’s what you want! Too many folks go and give up on it…but not me LOL!

  13. bebedee says:

    NM, that is one bad, bangin’ puff!
    *wipes mouth with napkin*

    I love wearing my hair out, but because I work in financial services (historically conservative), I tend to shrink my hair down to a smaller, neat puff instead of picking it out to its full glory. I do the big, light-eclipsing styles in the evenings or on the weekends. However, after seeing your lovely picture, I may just have to go there one day and make the whole office go dark!

    Work it, lady!

  14. vonzell says:

    damn i am drooling too, haha (:
    it’s like: omg that’ll b me one daay!

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