My Four-month BSL Challenge Update

So while I’m mourning the loss of my niece’s length, my hair is on the serious grow. At the moment, I’m done putting energy into my niece’s nappy education, (I’ll pray that my sis doesn’t give into the lye, but like I said in my previous post, I think it’s just a matter of time) so from here on out, I’m going to focus soley on my own nappy journey. Lead by example cause somebody’s gotta represent the nap around here…right?!!!

That said, here’s my latest update!

The next time I check in, I’ll be posting starting pics of my upper layers. Sometime later this week, I’m, going to have my beautician dust my upper layers and trim my BSL layer to get rid of my ratty ends. Since I’m going for a specific shape, I can’t trust myself to trim my own hair any longer. My beautician did a good job last year when she shaped it up so I have to cross my fingers that she’ll do EXACTLY what I want again. I’ll keep letting her shape it periodically. At this point, I’m after thickness and fullness and I think keeping it trimmed as I continue to rid myself of layers will be the key to achieving this goal.

I also think I’ve found a protective style that doesn’t involve a head full of twists. On detangled, stretched hair it only takes about 10 minutes to do. Yep that’s right…only 10 minutes. I’ll try to get a pic of it sometime this week. I REALLY like it. Sure in the heck beats having to do a 5-hour styling marathon, I’ll tell ya. I having long hair!

Oh…  I came back to give y’all something to drool over. Those of you with tightly coiled, no wave or curl definition nappy cNapp textured hair will really be able to appreciate a trip to these albums. My absolute favorite is Sera252. Take a look see at all of them and enjoy!–Eyes/about/



5 Responses to “My Four-month BSL Challenge Update”
  1. jerseybred says:

    ooooo, nice, pretty:)
    If you don’t mind could you tell me about the shape your going for and also I’m tired of twists but I can’t think of anything else. It does take about 4-5 hours to complete.

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Jerseybred!
    Well, I’m really a creature of habit. When I was relaxed, I wore a bob for years and years. As my natural hair gets longer, I’d like my hair, when in two strand twists (which I wear quite frequently) to have the shape of a bob. I also want all of my twists, when shrunken to have thickness around my shoulders. Cutting my hair into a bob so that all my layers are the same length when my hair “hangs” down, should achieve it.

  3. maturenatural says:

    Great hair growth Nappyme! The Fotki hair pics are definitely inspiring. They all have beautiful, healthy hair.

  4. Sera says:

    Hi there, I was just searching the net and came across your site. Just wanted to say thanks for having me as a favorite. I can see by your photos that you coming along nicely with your growth –lovely length retention –keep up the good work.

    Thanks again for having on your list of favorites !

    Happy growing!!! 😉


  5. nappyme says:

    Sera I’m glad you found me. Yes, I love your hair, and I stalk…er um visit your fotki quite often and you are actually a big hit on my hair board as well.

    Happy growing to you as well!


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