Faking the funk…


 Day two of my highly defined three-strand twistout

I was at the mall Friday evening when I wandered into a GNC store and started looking at all the high priced oils that a lot of nappies like to use in their hair. Then I spied a 6oz tube of a product called Nourish Skin vitamin e gel. Although it’s a skin care product, I looked at the ingredients, which included water and glycerin an some other stuff I can’t pronounce (about four more ingredients) and decided that if I could use it on my skin, I could certainly use it on my hair.

This is day two of a highly-defined three-strand twistout. The product, Nourish Skin vitamin e is discontined and they only had one tube left that was selling for $1.99. But the guy couldn’t make their pos terminal work so he gave it to me for free. Today, I went to another location and purchased all the product they had on hand, four tube in all. Figures that I’ve finally found something that works, has great holding power and doesn’t flake and it’s discontinued. Dang!

So, I came home, rinsed all the product out and retwisted my hair in three strand twists using very generous amounts of product. At first I was just going to wear it in twists but they looked really annorexic and hard. Since I didn’t use any of my regular moisturizer, my hair dried really quickly. Decided to do a test twist out and I had mad definition. Decided to chance a partial twistout in the back and it came out really gorgeous. My mom thought my hair was fake. That made me be a little disappointed cause seems to me if my own mom thought my hair was fake, then anyone else looking at it would think the same thing. That made me feel like I wasn’t properly repping nappy hair and showing the world how it’s capable of being styled. 

Ah… so I put that out of my mind and went to go show one of my best girl friends how my hair came out. I recently latch hooked her hair with synthetic hair that looks like a twist out. She has natural hair but either presses it or keeps it covered up with this latch hook style. It’s really cute. But I can’t convince her to wear her natural hair. So I especially wanted her to see how she could get this style. She looked at my hair and really liked it. But again, said it looked like store bought hair.

Wow. When I told her how this observation made me feel, she said, “Yeah, but, anyone who knows you, would know that it’s your real hair and not fake.”

That made me feel a little better but I can’t help but be dissapointed, even if just a little, that I went through all this trouble and finally came up with an adorable twist-out that looks like synthetic hair.

Ha! I’m faking the funk and it’s 100 percent all mine.

7 Responses to “Faking the funk…”
  1. Kiaya says:

    I think your hair looks great! I didn’t think it looked fake at all. Do your thang!

  2. mixie says:

    Wow, your hair is in good condition – no, not good, make that fabulous.

    I agree with Kiaya – it doesn’t look fake at all. In fact you totally are repping natural hair and showing how to style it.

    But what a shame that the product is discontinued – that happens all the time and it is so annoying.

  3. stacey says:

    Your hair looks great! How do you do a three strand twist?

  4. nappyme says:

    Stacey thanks! Please check out my three-strand twist tutorial here: https://nappyme.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/three-strand-twist-tutorial/

  5. ms-gg says:

    It only looks fake because it looks so good nappyme! Beautiful hair looks fake because sadly most black women have scraggly looking hair from relaxers and presses. I can say that because I was one of them.
    One day I am going to master the three strand twist…

  6. Joyce says:

    I have to admit that your hair looked fake, however, I don’t think you would fake it. I have learned so much from you about taking care of my natural hair that I am going out to find this new product.

  7. Helen H Jones says:

    It looks fanastic! It probably looks fake to other s because it was perfect. But the clincher is that it is your hair! You did it with the triple twist. I want to learn how to do that. Please could you send me a email with directions, or where on the internet to learn how to triple twist.
    Thank you in advance!

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