Three-strand Twist Tutorial

On occasion, I get asked how to do three-strand twists so I decided to do a tutorial. So proud of myself cause I’m now a YouTuber! Anyhoo, I’ve been too lazy to post the actual tutorial on NPP101 until now. Plus, the twistout you see below was done from three-strand twists. So it only makes sense for me to go ahead and post it here. I hope you find it helpful.


14 Responses to “Three-strand Twist Tutorial”
  1. MystiOne says:

    I have practiced and practiced and this is the one technique I have not been able to master! I want to take that middle strand and turn it into a braid. Resist the urge…resist the urge…that’s going to be my mantra today as I twist my hair. Thanks for this tutorial!

  2. nappyme says:

    Hey MystiOne, you’ll get it, lol! I remember when I first tried, I gave up. Then one day I was sitting in my car, listening to a cd while in my drive way and just decided to try it again…and I got it. Couldn’t believe it. Guess I just had to step away from it for a moment and try it again with a fresh set of hands. If you don’t get it today, take a break and come back a little later and I’ll bet you’ll get it then too.

    Good luck!

  3. Carmennc says:

    Thank you for sharing this technique. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for my loose natural buddies. Take care and I wish all the best for you! PEACE.

  4. nappyme says:

    Hey Carm! How the heck are ya! Glad you stopped by. We need to get together sometime and chat. I miss that!

  5. caramelqueen says:

    I really can not see what you are doing with your hands while you are twisting. It really looks like braiding but your twist out is beautiful and uniform. if possible PLEASE PLEASE do it at a closer angle or upload a drawing showing the strands in diffeent colors (maybe yarn) Please I am begging

  6. nappyme says:

    caramelqueen, if you watch closely, you’ll see that the middle strand is never pulled through the middle like a braid, the hair is twirled around in a circle upon itself to creat a rope-like twist. I’m sorry but I’m not likely to do another video on this topic as I think it does clearl show how to do it.

    However, if you do a search on youtube for 3-strand twists, there’s another, older video tutorial out there. The lighting is horrible, but you can see what she’s doing most of the time. Seeing someone else’s video may help it click for you so check it out when you get the chance.

    Good luck!

  7. O.K. I think I have it now. I tried this about 4 months ago and couldn’t fight the urge to braid the hair. I think I get it now, the stand that twist always goes to the back to the back not the middle. Well maybe I didn’t say that right but I will try it this weekend. You hair looks great. Thanks for the tutorials. keep um comin!

  8. Natural Shimmer says:

    I love this twist!!! I can quite figure it out and I have really soft, shiney, fluffy hair… can you show a closer, slower tutorial or point me to anyone that may know how to three strand in the Virginia/DC area?

  9. nappyme says:

    Glad you like it. There are several three-strand twist videos on Youtube. Perhaps one of them can help you get it. Here’s the link:

    Good luck!

  10. Natural Shimmer says:

    I also wanted to share one of my homemade mixtures!!!

    2 tablespoons of Carols Daughter Hair smoothie
    8 sprays of Carols Daughter leave in conditioner
    (Khoret Amen)
    1 spoon of Kinky Curly curly Custard
    1 spoon of hair milk
    1 spoon of shea butter (somali rose scent homemade by Cynthia’s Bath and Body)

    *this mixture keeps my hair soft, shimmery and maintainable. When I use this mixture with a twist set, twist out, or flexi-rod set, It looks newer-longer

    **when I do the flexi-rod sets, I use no heat!!! I roll my (dry) hair the evening before with long-slim rectangle sections using the mixture listed above and pulling the curls apart for a final result. (photos ot come)

    ***The smell is sooooo nice!!!!!!

    • nappyme says:

      Thanks for sharing. I wish I weren’t sooo lazy when it comes to stuff like this cause it sounds great! And good for you on the no heat! It’s much better for your hair in long run.

  11. Natural Shimmer says:

    RE: Three strand twist

    Ive been practicing, I think i’m getting it, Do you know of any salons in the VA/DC area that may be familiar?

    • nappyme says:

      Congrats! Once you get past the urge to pull a section through the middle like a braid, it really is very easy. I’m sorry though, I really am unfamiliar with the location of natural salons throughout the country. You could google.


  12. *Coop* says:

    This is wonderful. I found your site through another blogger’s page I was reading. I have sisterlocks, but I think the 3-strand technique would give me nice results! Thanks for sharing.

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