Hair Play

 I’ve been playing with my hair all weekend. Although there’s really nothing fancy about this, I love how my new slider barrette dresses up my hair. It’s soooo pretty. When I took my hair out of my bun, my twists were stretched. Love the length. As I look at this, I confirm it to myself … Continue reading

My twisted Pony

I’m on a roll so don’t stop me now. I haven’t been this ambitious about playing with my hair in a really long time. But I took my bun down a couple of hours ago and was having a hard time duplicating my effort. Kind of figured I would. Then a few minutes ago, I … Continue reading

I Love My Nappy Kitchens!

It’s not often that I show off my nappy kitchens cause most of time my twisted styles hang down in the back so they’re covered. But today, I decided to see if I could be a bit creative with my hair and put it into some kind of bun. I’ve got several hair sticks, but … Continue reading

Nappy Goes to the WhiteHouse!

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed our President-elect Barack Obama and our soon-to-be lovely First Lady Michelle. There was some heart warming kitchen footage of Barack cutting up some veggies with his daughter at his side wearing some adorable twists. I’ve been watching the 60 Minutes website for a couple of days hoping they’d post … Continue reading

Braids Gone Bye-bye

After just three weeks, I took a head full of micros down. Yeah I know but here’s the whole story… As the weather turns so does my hair — against me that is. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that or feel that way but I do. So there it is. Me and my hair don’t … Continue reading