Nappy Goes to the WhiteHouse!

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed our President-elect Barack Obama and our soon-to-be lovely First Lady Michelle. There was some heart warming kitchen footage of Barack cutting up some veggies with his daughter at his side wearing some adorable twists. I’ve been watching the 60 Minutes website for a couple of days hoping they’d post the interview, which they did, so that I could try and capture a screen print of Malia (not sure that’s how it’s spelled) in her twists. Ha! They did and so here it is. I’m really tickled cause the cameras rarely focus on the girls and so there are only glimpses of Malia in her twists. I love this shot cause it’s a close up and she’s absolutely precious. Enjoy!

Oh, if you missed and would like to see the interview, 60 Minutes posted it in four parts here

That baby sure is beautiful. I hate say it though, I think the heat is killing her ends. The pictures above was taken from 60 Minutes footage from a story they did on Barack a year ago.

This is a more recent pic of her hair in twists.

You can see her whispy, straight ends. Reminds me of how my niece’s hair looked after repeated straightening. My sis had to cut off almost four inches of her hair… Hopefully Michelle will recognize that as damage and perhaps give her a good cut. However, I’m sure she’ll always straighten and curl Malia’s hair for special occasions or for whatever reason she sees fit. And with my nappy crystal ball, (after seeing that my sis finally broke down and allowed a relaxer in niece’s hair) I even see a relaxer in Malia’s future when she hits the teen years.

Oh well, hopefully that won’t happen and until then, I’m certainly getting a kick out of seeing Malia’s hair in all it’s nappy glory right now, and perhaps for many more years to come.

3 Responses to “Nappy Goes to the WhiteHouse!”
  1. insightful says:

    funny you postedthis…I wanted to send Michelle Obama a link to some natural sites..and to also plead with her not to perm or straighten her daughters beautiful texture and extraordinary tresses. It will do so much for our young women to see the President-elect daughters, which are in the white House sporting their natural beauty without any hesitation.. Hope Michelle reads this..:-)

  2. hedsa05 says:

    how is your neice’s hair doing since she decided to perm? is she regretful of her decision?

    • nappyme says:

      Hi hedsao5,
      Thanks for asking! It appears to be doing ok…so far for permed hair. But she’s had it less than a year so the verdict is still out in my opinion. But I do remember my sis telling me that when her daughter’s hair was first relaxed, the beautician said she had a lot of split ends and that being natural caused it. They ended up cutting of quite a bit of length. I was quite miffed at that assertion and told my sis that the damage was likely because little girl wore a puff all winter long. I watched her hair go from near brastrap to upper back through the course of the winter. That had less to do with the texture of her hair than how she was wearing and handling it day in and day out.

      Well fast forward to her relaxer touch up just before thanksgiving and lo and behold I hear through the grapevine that little girl once again had tons of spit ends and the beautician wanted to cut off a whole bunch of length. They compromised and cut off about an inch.

      So hmmm… wonder why she had soooo many split ends? Certainly can blame it on being natural now can they? How will it do in the long run? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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