My twisted Pony

I’m on a roll so don’t stop me now. I haven’t been this ambitious about playing with my hair in a really long time. But I took my bun down a couple of hours ago and was having a hard time duplicating my effort. Kind of figured I would. Then a few minutes ago, I remembered I had purchased a ponytail holder. Got it at Beauty First. I love going there to check out the clearance bin. I found a little gem that’s nap friendly, no rough edges to cut or pull on my hair, and got it for a couple of dollars. When I got it home and really looked at it, I’m like “Dag…anyone could make this.” It looks like a large button and the band is literally secured by a thin piece of satin glued to the back. Trust me, I’ma try to duplicate this cause the orignal price on this puppy was about $8 bucks plus tax. Puleeeeze.

So anyhoo, I took my hair back out of my bun and discovered it was a wonderful style for stretching out my twists. So it gives my twisted pony some length. I’ve done this before, but as cute as it was, my hair was much shorter and my twists were really shrunken. So as you can imagine, my twist pony didn’t have much volume to it. Now the stretch and the longer length does give it more volume so I like this much, much better. I’d wear this as a style in a heart beat. Yepper this is a quickie and definitely a keeper.

5 Responses to “My twisted Pony”
  1. Mikou says:

    Looks cute. I hope by next year to be able to wear a similar style once in a while.

    Mwedzi has a youtube video on how to make a hair tie.

  2. Mikou says:

    You’re welcome. I thought I included the link, but I’m guessing you found it already? Either way, in case anyone else is interested, the link is:

  3. Theresa says:

    Nappyme: this is a cute style too. I’m going to try this also. my goal is to leave the twists in 3-4 weeks. So I’ll alternate styles as they get ‘older’.

    Mikou: thanks for including the youtube for making hair ties. I’d never have thought of doing this.

    Have a good day/evening.

  4. nappyme says:

    Thanks Theresa! Since I’ve been playing with my hair all weekend, my flat twists are soooooo fuzzy. I’m going to redo some of the worse ones before work tomorrow.

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