More Hair Play (Lovin’ My Buns!)

I am totally loving my updos. Today, I used one of my favorite hair clips…shown a little better on page 2 of this post. I found it at KMart of all places. Ok… let me stop cause they usually have some great hair accessories. It’s actually a hair fork with a hinged clip on top.  So since I’m on a creative mission to create a variety of buns, I decided to see what I could do with it. I think it turned out really cute!

Directions: This is going to be hard to describe but I’ll do my best.

  1. First, I gathered all my twists at the nape of my nect like I was going to make a low ponytail.
  2. Then I moved all the hair a little to the right and placed a hair stick against my hair. 
  3. Next I wrapped my twists around the stick from the bottom to the top, twice. I tucked the ends into the base of the twist.
  4. Then I twisted the stick so and stuck it down into my hair to secure it in place. Then I took the outer edge of the bun and secured it with the clip.


Ok… so you see the twists that I have hanging down at my temples? Well they were SUPPOSED to be Curlie Qs. No matter what, every time I try to wear these things, they never come out exactly like they’re supposed. Last night, I set them on flex rods. Unfortunately, I sweat in the scalp badly and dang if when I woke up on my left side, this twist was wet…yes from my body heat. Soooo it didn’t set right. Bummer. Nothing I could do about it. Well, I did pin it down somehow with a bobby pin so that it would be sticking out and making me look totally crazy. But dag, why can’t I have two perfect Curlie Qs at the same time.

I’ll try again tonight.











So what’s next? My twisted donut. So stay tuned for Even More Hair Play!

One Response to “More Hair Play (Lovin’ My Buns!)”
  1. Shannon says:

    I like your twists and your website is amazing. I haven’t permed my hair since 08/07. I am trying to get used to not seeing my hair relaxed. I had the 2 strands put in at a salon about eight weeks ago and I put them in myself about two weeks ago. I run into a problem at night because when I put my sleeping cap on, my hair shrinks and sticks up and out all kinds of ways. How can I keep my hair from doing that? Should I tie it down with a scarf? How do you keep the roots of your twists looking fresh?

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