Herringbone Pony (Wow… I’ve hang time!)

432182180 Lepiw-S

My new signature do for the winter

So I refreshed my do yesterday and to my surprise, I’ve really gained some more length. I’ve decided that my herringbone loose ponytail or chignon is going to be my signature do for the winter. So when I pulled my freshly done hair back into a ponytail, I was literally shocked at how long it is. Here’s a couple of pics I just took this evening trying to get some good contrast between my hair and clothes so the pics would give you a good sense of the length. I’m also finding that it’s show length better right now, perhaps because there’s no humidity so I have far less shrinkage. Whatever the reason, I’m certainly enjoying seeing the fruits of my labor like this. It’s about time!

   Herringbone Pony with Hangtime!


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