Curled bob

Did some more experimenting over the weekend. Now that my hair is almost apl all over, my styling options have really increased. Quite simply, I’m really loving this length, and I’m really having a ball playing with my hair.Since I was growing tired of my signature do and even all the variations of my herringbone bun and herringbone ponytail, I decided to take them down and do some two strand twists in the front instead.

I left a little of the flat twists along my hairline, an idea somewhat inspired by Roshini at It turned out quite well because it works around my pitifully uneven hairline and if I don’t do something to camouflageit, I’ll end up with a bunch of raggedy twists framing my face.  It worked and for the most part I like the end result, but If I were to deliberately try and recreate this style from scratch next time, I’d part my hair a little differently. But any way, since my hair line is so short, it still robs the twists framing my face of much needed volume. As a result, they tend to be very whispy at the ends and become frizzy very easily. So I came up with the idea to set them my whole head on six 7/8 inch flexirods to see if they would give me an attractive curl AND hide my frizzy ends.   

Well I left them in for maybe an hour and took them out to see if I’d like it. I did so I took some pics. So the one at the top was the end result of that very short experiment and here are some additional veiws. 

440164103 aMWkK-SSo I thought that went very well and I wondered what my hair would look like if I kept them in over night. So I decided to put six of these bad boys in and sleep in them. Can you say “Dang…NOT COMFORTABLE.” I must be getting too old to sacrifice sleep for beatuy cause after trying to deal with these things over night, I wasn’t sure the end result was worth it. I just kept waking up and trying to readjust these things and/or find a more comfortable way to sleep. In the morning, I took them out and hmmm… I wasn’t really crazy about it, but I figured I could work with it. 

And so work with it I did. No matter what, I usually end up pulling my hair off my face. For some reason, I think I just look better that way. I left one side down and pulled the other one back, securing it with a side comb. But by the end of the day, my ends got really, really frizzy so I started wondering what I could do with it to salvage this do.  

Playing around with it a little bit, I wonderred what it would look like if I pulled it all away from my face. So I took some of the twists and gathered them together and secured it in the back with my decorative side comb. The two-strand twists beneath the flat twists gave me some wonderful volume that gave me a kinda poof in the top. Ha! I loved it. Plus I thought it looked kinda sexy. And believe it or not, i’m kinda digging that patch of gray hair I got up front. The back twists were holding up just fine. This do is definitely a keeper. In fact I’m wearing it at work right now… Yeah, yeah… I’m actually writing this post at work lol!
 440015142 Q4AUU-S  

440760000 oMtUT-S

440015086 UtuF5-S

3 Responses to “Curled bob”
  1. Theresa says:

    This is really cute. You always have the nicest styles. I may try this style and the curlers later in the week. I love the way you post a number of clear pictures from different angles. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

  2. naturalsystah says:

    ooh your hair looks lovely!

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