Final Results from Nappturality 2008 BSL Challange

Last length check of 2008

Should be BSL again by March 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

Earlier this year, I started a BSL challenge on Nappturality cause I wanted some company on my quest to see my hair reach that lengh…a length that I’ve never, ever seen on my head before. I didn’t even know if I could get there but I wanted to try. Well honestly, I remember when my goal was just to see my hair 14 inches long and then, one day I had 14 inches of hair. But after that, it seemed that BSL was proving to be equally elusive, so I started the challenge.

Well, I made it, but my ends were so raggedy that I became desperate for a really, good hair cut to not only get rid of my ratty ends, but to get rid of my layers as well. So in October I did it. As hard as it was, I chopped off my lower layer and so bye-bye BSL.

So a couple of months later, here’s where I am, pretty much between APL and BSL. If all goes as planned, I should be back at BSL by March of 2009. I’ll enjoy my hair at that length until June, and I’ll do one final chop to get rid of my last layer, which will even me up all the way around. Since my last layer is currently, between shoulder length and APL, by the time I chop again, I should be close enough that I should have no problem getting all my hair to BSL by late next year.


7 Responses to “Final Results from Nappturality 2008 BSL Challange”
  1. GiiGii says:

    Congratulations on the growth. Your creative styling is amazing. I know your credit your growth retention to protective styling. Since it’s unlikely my hair will hold twists, will a shrunken fro provide the same protection and growth retention? Thanks

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi GiiGii!
    My answer is yes a shrunken fro can provide protection and growth retention, but… and this a big BUT, you have to be carefull not to pick at it constantly. AND, you have to be careful about how you detangle it. If you go tearing through your hair after a week or more of not touching it, you’re likely to undo any progress you’ve made by snapping off your ends.

    So just make sure you’re prepared to take your time detangling and getting your shed hair out. Other than that, I know lot’s of women have simply sworn by a shrunken fro as a protective style and have had wonderful results.

    So good luck with that!

  3. GiiGii says:

    Thanks you!

  4. Ses says:

    Hi nappy me,

    I have a super kinky hair and i when i have a shrunken fro, my back hair is flat in the morning so i still have to pull it out with my fingers to give it a nice shape. Can we still call this a protective style ?

  5. nappyme says:

    Ses, many people do call this a protective style. My biggest concern is detangling. If you wear you hair like this for days or weeks at a time before you detangle, could you end up ripping your hair out and doing away with any progress if you’re not careful.

    So good luck with your shruken fro!

  6. Sheri says:

    What is APL?

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