More Ponytails

Last night, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and put in six flexirods. The curls were soooo cute when I first took them out, but by the time I’d gotten to work, they’d all fallen. Guess I’m going to have to use something to set them with. I’m almost certain plain water will work. I’ma try that tonight. When I got home, I took some pics and was feeling rather creative so I came up with this collage to showcase my plain-jane pony. 

445226839 WcmJt-M 

Then I got to wondering how I could go about making my hair look fuller. I came up with the idea to make three layers of ponytails, on sitting right above the other. I think I succeeded. I really like it. I think if I could figure out a way to make the curls hold, this would be a wonderful dressy do. 


 445226876 m9U6n-S

2 Responses to “More Ponytails”
  1. Memoire Cummings says:

    I am about to get some kinky twist next week and I wanted to know sholud I just go one and cut off my hair to get the rest of this perm out so I can fully grow my hair out naturally. What do you suggest

    • nappyme says:

      If you’ve got enough hair to ensure that you can anchor the extension hair securely, I’d say sure, go ahead and cut off your permed ends. If not, just cut some of them off and continue to do so until you’re fully natural. I think I cut the last of my relaxer out, when I had four inches of new growth. If you’re unsure about it, please talk to whomever is going to do your kinky twists so they can tell you the length that’s best for them to work with.

      Good luck!

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