High Pony made with a Bandette Comb

Bandette%20Package%20TortY’all I found a new hair accessory. Ok… it’s more of a tool than an accessory. I love it. I’ve actually been looking at this thing for YEARS but never could envision I to use it in my hair. Most likely cause I didn’t have enough length. But yesterday, I decided to buy it at Claire’s (or was it Icing) and couldn’t wait to get home to use it. And when I did, WOW, this thing is definitely a keeper.

It’s simply a big comb that’s typically used to make a french roll. Underneath on one side there’s a ponytail band attached. You simply put the comb under your pony, pull the band across and wallah, you have the most gorgeous, voluminous ponytails ever. So much so, I just had to share this with you in a quick tutorial. If you’ve got the length, you gotta try this!


Here’s what my finished do looks like. My hair is styled into flat twists along the hair line with the remainder in two strand twists. The twists were set on red flexirods which gave them a soft elegant curl that hang down the back.

447898361 BJM9v-S447898289 3RiaB-S

Step 1
Pull all your twists together and postion it where you want near the top of your head.  Then stick the bandette comb down into your twists, making sure to get a comfortable lay against your scalp. If you look carefull at the right of the comb, you can actually see the band that’s achored to the back on one side.

447898467 EBAkm-S

Step 2
Look near my wrist and you can see the band sticking out. You’re actually going to pull that band under your hair and anchor it on the other end of the comb.
447898433 R8hHA-S447898448 VVYiA-S

Here what it looks like after you get it secured over the other end.

447898396 Uxf9x-S

Step 3
Let go of your twists and let them cascade down the back. And wallah, you have a high pony made with a bandette comb. I really hope someone gives this a try. If you do…please get back to me with some pics cause I’d love to see it.
447898310 PzVet-S

7 Responses to “High Pony made with a Bandette Comb”
  1. Theresa says:

    Hi lady, this is an interesting concept but I still don’t quite get it. Maybe if I re-read it a few times, it will sink in. I do like the front view that shows how your hair is draped in the first couple photos. you’ve given me a lot of ideas for work styles. thanks for your experiments.

  2. Doris says:

    The picS are really pretty. Your hair has really grown, I’m working toward BSL myself


  3. Fleurzty says:

    This is beautiful!

  4. nappyme says:

    Doris and Fleurzty thank you very much!

  5. nappyme says:

    Thanks Theresa. Yeah it really isn’t hard. The comb has a band on the end. You stick the comb in, pull your hair up and pull the band behind your hair and secure the band on the other end of the comb. Yeah, just study both of the tutorials and I think you’ll get it.

    Good luck!

  6. sandra says:

    Love your color and your hair goal seems to be coming along nicely. I like the shape and length of your hair on you. Keep it up!

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