Side Pony Made with a Bandette Comb

447911316 uUexi-SOk… here’s my second tutorial with this gem of a comb. In this one I’m demonstrating how to make a side ponytail. It’s really quick and simple. Enjoy!

 Step 1
Anchor the bandette comb on the side of your head.
447909655 g48Z2-S
Step 2
Pull your hair over to the side and pull the band behind your ponytail. Secure it on the opposite end.
447910000 cUv73-S

Step 3.
Let your hair go and wallah! A side pony made with a Bandette Comb!

447909803 AhKfp-S

Dress it up with a cute clip
 447910345 h2xHK-S447910664 nK6at-S

447911758 FbNUR-S447911780 LPHmW-S

I originally had set my hair OVER NIGHT on flexirods. But my hair is heavily moisturized and it didn’t set the curls in very well, but it does stretch my twists to show off the length and my hair is still curled enough to bend the ends.

One Response to “Side Pony Made with a Bandette Comb”
  1. Dani says:

    I like this style. I might have to break into my accessory stash to pull it off.

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