Lookie Lookie Nappyme Has a Fotki!

With all of my online endeavers, including this blog Nappturology 101 and my nappy hair care forum cNappymeNow.com, I’ve never felt the need to maintain a Fotki. That is until now. Primarily because I needed a better way to organize and keep track of my photos. Although I just got it going last Sunday, I think I got a pretty good start on it. But I still have a really long way to go cause I gotta move nearly three years of photos over and get them organized into folders and categories.

In the meantime however, if you’re so inclined come on over and check me out, comment and/or sign my guest book. Here’s the link: http://public.fotki.com/Nappyme/ Feel free to add me as a friend and when I get this all figured out, I’ll add you too! I’m not very Fotki saavy at the moment, so if you have some user tips, feel free to share!

Soooo take care, enjoy and hope to see you in Fotkiland!

4 Responses to “Lookie Lookie Nappyme Has a Fotki!”
  1. Rhonda says:


  2. casey says:

    You are everything I’ve been searching for. God bless you. I thing it’s wonderful to find a site devoted to hair like my own, especially since I can’t find the support in my daily life.
    Thank you.

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