Curlie Hair

Taken in the morning before I head off to work.

Taken this morning before going to work. My curly twists were so bouncy and springy. I loved it!

This morning, I was so tickled with how my hair came out after sleeping on flexirods all night that after I took them out at around 7 a.m. this morning, I just had to take a pic. Please forgive my sleepy looking self. I’m soooooo not a morning person so I think I pulled this off pretty well. I also wanted to have a picture to compare what my hair would look like later in the day after work.

Then later this evening, I took these pics. I think my hair held up very, very well. 
6 Responses to “Curlie Hair”
  1. sandra says:

    You have it goin on…You’ve got to write that book on two strand twist. Your hair is beautiful.

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi Nappyme! I have been visiting your website for quite a while now. I am amazed at your growth and styling abilities. The curly twists are wonderful. What products do you use to twist with? Do you twist on wet or dry hair? Also, I have been noticing a lot of broken hairs around my crown area that are only about 1 inch long 😦 Do you experience much breakage? How do you protect against it? Sorry so many questions at once! Thanks!

  3. nappyme says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I’m so glad you’re a regular visitor to NPP101. I love showing all the different ways you can style highly textured nappy hair. I typically apply moisturizer very liberly to each section of hair that I twist. Smoothing constantly from root to tip as I twist. My moisturizer of choice has never changed; it’s proline lite creme moisturizer. However, it doesn’t do my hair justice in the winter time. Today, I tried something else and I liked it. It’s by Africa’s Best and it’s called Texture My Way Curl keeper. I like how it helped the ends of my twists curl up but I layered it on top of the proline and so I’m a little concerned about product incompatibility. So the real test will come when I get a chance to apply it to clean hair. But at the moment, it SEEMS to be doing what I need it to do.

    On breakage, the answer is that I do tend get more than I would care to admit. It usually happens when I leave one style in too long and then I’ll get stress breakage along my parts. Sometimes it happens cause I’m over handling my hair. My hair line stays perpetually broken, which is why I almost ALWAYS have flat twists in the front, top and sides. It’s a styling work around. I soooo wish my hair would stop breaking in this area but I’ve been nursing my hair forever and it has not gotten any better. So I give up. If it decides to stop breaking one day, then I’ll be happy…if not…as long as I can keep working around it I’ll just have to be ok with it.

    Hope that helps. Take care and God bless,


  4. Ses says:

    I love it. This is the best so far. Beautifull

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