Swooped Updo

Here’s a do I came up with today and I actually tried a different moisturizer too. It’s called Texture My Way Curl Keeper Moisturizer Lotion. It’s made by Nature’s Best and is in their Organic’s line. So far I like it. It’s very similar to Proline’s Softener product, which I love but won’t use because it smells overwhelming like baby lotion. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t want to walk around smelling like a baby. Since I layered it on top of the Proline Lite Creme moisturizer, I’m a little concerned about product incompatability, which can leave some nasty residue in your hair. So far I like the results, but the real test will come when I use it on clean hair. I’ll give y’all an update on the results the next time I wash my hair. As far as my do, I really like it, so I’ma wear it like this for a couple of days next week with a more casual hair clip. Then I’ll probably end up in a ponytail for the remainder of the week. As I look at these pics, I can really seen see my gray hair starting to pop out in the front. But I think it’s too soon for a retouch of my color.  I really don’t want to stress my hair by overlapping color and risk overprocessing it, so I can live with the gray a little while longer. For a few more additional views, feel free to visit my fotki. Here’s the link: http://public.fotki.com/Nappyme/more-updos/swooped-updo/ 


8 Responses to “Swooped Updo”
  1. Leslie says:

    This is awesome! Such creativity and it definitely inspires me to try flat twists!

  2. Carmen says:

    Nappyme, I like this style. You and your hair look marvelous! Your twists always look so uniform, healthy, and fun. Take care, Carmen

  3. charismaallover says:

    Nappyme, thanks so much for your compliment
    on my hair. Your photos are stunning.

  4. charismaallover says:

    Ever been to fotki? They have alot of our beautiful black people with natural nappy hair.
    Here is the direct link to a set of profiles listed
    with them:

  5. I wish I had the skills to do this, it looks gorgeous on you. And that lipstick color is so on point.

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