Grown and Sexy Plaits! Ok… Box Braids to Y’all Youngins…

Move along HC folks…there’s nothing to see here… For the time being, I regret that I’ve had to take down one of my posts because some members of a particular hairboard have decided that they don’t like one of my hairstyles…the box braids I was wearing in this particular post. Someone has taken it upon … Continue reading

BSL Once Again!

Ok… I decided to go ahead and do another BSL length check. And yeah, I’m there. My hair is once again horribly uneven since my last serious trim… ok, it was more like a cut… well maybe it was a trim… was last fall when I had about an inch cut off my lowest layer. … Continue reading

Double-twist Bun

I came up with yesterday while trying to recreate a bun using a single chop stick. And for the life of me, I could get it right. Then it dawned on me that I needed to twist my my hair twice around the chop stick to get it to act right. It was really driving … Continue reading

Carol’s Daughter Review…Two Thumbs…

Yes, that’s right…two thumbs down. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I soooo disappointed. The hair milk ended up leaving my hair really hard and dry and it flaked like dandruff after a few days. I mean really, really badly too. Ewe. And then there was the Mimosa Hair Butter. Again, my … Continue reading

New Lengths

Ok… this was a really fun discovery, to find out that my length in the top is longer than my forearm. I’ve only ever dreamed of this length and wow… here it is. I am starting to find that I cannot style touch up my full head of twists in one sitting anymore. It just … Continue reading