Carol’s Daughter Review…Two Thumbs…

Yes, that’s right…two thumbs down. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I soooo disappointed. The hair milk ended up leaving my hair really hard and dry and it flaked like dandruff after a few days. I mean really, really badly too. Ewe. And then there was the Mimosa Hair Butter. Again, my hair was hard and dry after a couple of days. I originally tried it on wet hair, thinking it would seal in the moisture. Not! But here’s the thing… I knew better. I know my hair doesn’t like oils and butters and grease and I let myself get sucked in by the glamor and glitz and the name and other’s enthusiasm for the product. So now I’ve got two products that I know I’ll never use again. Guess I should find a swap and sell board so that I can get rid of them instead of letting them rot in my hair thingy basket.

Note to self: Stick to your guns and your instincts and stay awy from oils and butters!

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  1. Maria says:

    Oh man that’s too bad. When I first read that you bought that stuff I had a feeling you weren’t going to like it. I’ve read way too many bad reviews on this stuff. I have more luck buying hair products from websites like and At least I know its homemade and for hair like ours.

  2. paula rettenmaier says:

    My name is Paula, and I’m transitioning to natural hair. I wear braids and twists/out, and I discovered that my hair and skin does not like oils and butters either. I get dandruff and break out like i’m a teenager. Anyways I was wondering what hair products you can suggest I have 4a thick hair, and have yet to find a good moisturizer. And do you usually purchase your hair products online or in the store?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Paula,
      My hair usually responds well to water/glycerin based moisturizers. One of the first things I ever used on my hair was Carefree Curl moisturizing products. From there, I branched off into Wave NuVeau Curl moisturizing products. Curl activators can also work really well.

      Try something along those lines and see how you like them.

      Good luck!

  3. noircerise says:

    I don’t care for these products either….they do not keep my hair soft…when it dries using these products it’s hard…and the smell isn’t all that great either…however my son loves them….so he got some free products

  4. Michele says:

    I have started using the motions lightweight moisturizer and love it. I think water is the first ingredient. I’m getting over the smell but that’s another issue. I’m growing out my 4B hair after tiring of trying to twist it myself. I went to a shop to let someone braid it, then I wore a full braided weave (don’t worry all your hair is hidden) and finally I have kinky twists. I frankly love how they feel, the ease of styling, light conditioning and go. I fear the take down process that will inevitably have to happen but I like not worrying that my edges and kitchen aren’t straight and even though I’ve got quite a volume of hair it’s not nearly as “bad” as I thought it was. If only I’d kept this up a couple of years ago when I cut it all off and went natural. After a session of taking down my braids, washing, and conditioning I literally couldn’t get my hands through the mass of hair and freaked out. I had a friend bring me a texturizer kit. Live and learn. As for products, I love WEN cleansing conditioner and oil. I’m a rare shampoo user since the sulfites cause me to itch like crazy. Aveda products are ok in a pinch and organic root stimulator hair mayo is one of the only real deep down softeners I’ve had. I’m thinking of getting the shower head with the filter attached and that will definitely help since there is hard water where I live.

  5. Paula Rettenmaier says:

    Hi it’s Paula again
    Thanks you very much for the suggestion of curl activators and the wave noveau products. I have been looking online to see if i could find a list of the ingredients in the wave noveau products and couldn’t find any.
    Is there any way you can tell me what the ingredients are in the moisturizing lotion, or in the product you use.
    Thanks again

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Paula, is an excellent resource to find out what’s in a product. If they carry it, they’ll list the ingredients. Just go to the site and do a search on your product of choice. Look for the link that says ingredients. Here’s a list of ingredients for Wave Nuveau

      Water – Aqua , Propylene Glycol , Glycerin , Phenoxyethanol , Oleth-20 , Methylparaben , Polyquaternium-6 , Fragrance – Parfum , Disodium EDTA

      Hope this helps.


  6. I have been hearing all kinds of bad stuff about Carol’s Daughter. I was planning on purchasing some, but after all the bad reviews, and the fact that her stuff is so EXPENSIVE, I decided to just shop around town. 🙂

  7. S Dean says:

    Yanno I’m beginning to believe my hair doesn’t like the oils and butters. I’ve tried the olive oil, just a mess. I’ve used castor oil strands just pull out. Some people advised me to pour in hand my hair feels like garbage afterwards…hard. I’ve tried Carol’s peppermint oil all it did was tingle my scalp? I can do that with a palm massage. I’m about to wash this stinkin Botanical light oil out right now. Just have a plain ole head of hair see how this works. That Carol’s Daughter is very expensive to be any ways jacked.

  8. Toni says:

    Has anyone tried Miss Jessie’s products?

    • Ostar says:

      Yes, I’ve just started using the baby buttercreme a couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing, I have natural hair and I feel that this product understands me, especially the tips of my hair. It’s mostly moisture not greasy at all, so I also use my own spritzer ( half infusium 23/half tea tree oil). Up to this point I had been using Afro Detangler which I also liked because of all it’s natural elements. Well i was pleasantly surprised… they sell a sampler if you just want to try it and they have how to instructions on there website.

  9. ms j says:

    Carols daughter Hair Milk product works wonders on my hair, but then again I am half black, half puerto rican, with thick wavy hair. This is the best product I have ever tried, and I give it two thumbs way up.

  10. Miah says:

    I do not like Carol’s Daughtery either (whisper). The shampoo left a thick, white, greasy film on my scalp that’s the consistency of lard.

    My hair is natural and I absolutely swear by Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner, Ojon restructuring cream and Miss Jessies. A combination of those and paying careful attention to my hair (little heat, no relaxers, infrequent flatironing) really helped my hair grow from my cheek bones to my shoulder in just over a year.

  11. Sharita says:

    Wow!! I was just given a gift of Carolyns Dughters products and havent used them yet. I will be using teh Aveda Brilliant Shampoo!!

  12. S says:

    I read someone’s comment on being half-black and puerto rican. As if that carried any weight. I’m half-black,irish and blackfoot indian. And Carol’s daughter’s product made my hair coarse. I really can just wash my hair and use lotion on it for waves. And it really isn’t at it’s peak I suffur with thyroid. But, it stands midback at that. Some products for black people just don’t make the cut. Even if those products were conjured up by Black people. And for all it’s claims(Jada Pinkett Mary J Blidge) somebody needs to go back in the kitchen.

  13. Cat says:

    I have used the Carol’s daughter’s product on both my daughter’s and my own hair. I am bi-racial (asian and black) and my hair is silky on the roots by dry on the ends, so for me the butter helped moisturize. But for my daughter–who’s hair is more coarse, it dried it out. I eventually learned more about why this is. This product has more protein in it, and my duaghter has a healthy balance of protein in her hair–thus using products that have more protein will cuse a negative affect. We have to get past the fancy advertisements and smells, understand the state of our hair as far as what is needs whether it lacks protein, ph, calcium or magnisum and use the product that fits–because hair care products are all chemicals that will react either negatively or positively.

  14. sheril davidson says:

    I see no one has tried Doo-Gro products, they are the best I feel for black hair and all types of hair for that matter. last August my aunt put a relaxer in my hair and everything fell out in the sink. A year later after doo-gro growth oil and shampoo, my hair is very thick and healthy and neck length. First time loving my hair ever. I also use Black Vanilla conditioner by Carol’s daughter, I don’t love it but it’s ok, I’m going to finish using it and then go on to the doo-gro conditioner…2 words “doo-gro” you will see the difference

  15. S Dean says:

    I love love love the olive oil cholestrol. It makes the ends so soft. And then I can just condish wash it. So if you want to combat those dry ends try this.

  16. Vera says:

    I found much better products from other companies, and their customer service is horrible! I asked them to cancel my order 5minutes after the order was placed and they weren’t able to do that. And when i was trying to return it – i spent three hours on hold to get to them. (they don’t answer emails) AVOID HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM!!!

  17. April says:

    I have been trying & trying & trying & trying to make my Carol’s Daughter’s products work on my hair. I like Miss Jessie’s better….O’ and Kinky Curly Curling Custard: just a mess. A Hot Ghetto Mess.

  18. Tre says:

    I liked Carol’s Daughter hair milk for my girls, whose hair tends to be very dry. It was a bit oily for me. I use mised chicks, which I love. After it finishes drying my hair feels a bit hard like a light gel. I just run my fingers through my hair and it softens up.

    • Ms Millie says:

      I tried Carol’s daughter and Mixed chicks…nothing. It is like it says for mixed people and so is carol’s daughter.

  19. I recently purchased Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo, Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, and the Healthy Hair Butter, what a waste of $60!! the shampoo does not foam up-supposedly b/c it’s natrural ingedients. The hair smothie leaves my hair dry and hard. i could say the butteris working, but it smells, and it weighs my hair down. Overall for the price, and what the product is supposed to deliver- it does not work

  20. nicole says:

    Carols Daughter has worked good on my hair. i use the Black Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner and it leaves mt hair so soft a silky I also like the hair milk. It makes my hair shine with out weighing it down. The key to the hair milk is that you are not suppose to use much at all like less than a dime size.

    • nappyme says:

      Nicole…you must not have much hair to only have to use a dime sized portion of any hair product. What…are you sporting a fade?

      • shawna says:

        That is true. I don’t know why stuff always say use a dime size amount in palm of and and spread. Come on a dime ain’t enough to coat a section of hair maybe a few strands of hair from root down. People are stupid to listen.

  21. Relaxed Chick says:

    I have relaxed hair. My Carol’s Daughter products came today.
    I was expecting a lot more for the price I paid for the Hair Balm, Lisa’s Hair Elixir, Hair Milk and Tui Hair Oil.
    So far the Hair Balm is the only thing that’s working for me.

  22. Barb says:

    I thought all the ingredients in Carol’s Daughter’s products were natural. The hair smoothies have cones. Are cones bad for kinky hair?

  23. Charmaine Pelt says:

    I ordered Carol’s Daughter a few years ago. I was so excited until I tried it on my hair. It made my hair feel strange. It’s funny watching HSN. She didn’t show anyone with truly kinky hair. I know they are trying to reach a larger base of people, but showing how caucasion or almost straight hair reacts to the product seemed a little silly. I won’t be buying any more. Too bad. I would love to support her work. =0(

    • nappyme says:

      Charmain that’s exactly how I feel. I would love to support her as a black entrepreneur, but her products do NOTHING for my hair, so I can’t personally recommend them.

      To tell the truth, no matter what I try, I always come back to my $2 tube of proline lite creme moisturizer. So I really need to stop trying to fix what ain’t broke.

  24. carol says:

    I am completely satisfied with all of the products I’ve used so far. I use black vanilla herbal shampoo. Black vanilla hair smoothie conditioner. Healthy hair butter and hair milk. I too got introduced on HSN.

    I have the most negroid of negro hair, which has never been chemicalized. I am 54 years old, and for the first time I have found a product that make my hair feel and remain looking the way I want.

    I usually twist it in little balls, after washing. In the past I had to do this quickly after washing, otherwise my hair would get very dry and hard. The first time I used the products I mistakenly put in the smoothie after drying my hair, like an oil. I then comed my hair into an afro, then hours later when I had more time, decided to twist. I got out my bottle of hair spray for natural hair, (feeling sure that I needed to spray) but was shocked at how easy I was able to manage my hair, and how long the twists remained intact.

    People have always wondered if my hair was dyed, since it has retained its blackness at my age. I was shocked to realize that my hair got even blacker. I didn’t like the hiar milk on my hair, so I used it on my skin. I also use the hair butter on my skin, as well as hair.

    I am hooked, so maybe these products would work better on black women in other parts of the world, whose hair is not yet ruined with chemicals.

    • Kaleisha says:

      I love carols daughter also. I have natural mid-back length 4a hair. I used to use the hair honey for pressing my hair. However, over a year ago i stopped straightening and my hair grew alot. After I wash my hair I apply a little of Marguerites magic and then hair honey to seal it. Then I twist, let dry and then untwist the next day for a twist out. I’ve tried many of her products. I like the hair balm, lisa’s elixir, jojobo hair sheen, black vanilla leave-in and of course the mimosa hair honey. I have also tried her hair smoothies, both the black vanilla and the tui. Those two products did nothing for my hair. Most deep conditioners that I have tried have been useless for my tresses. The only two deep conditioning treatments that have made a difference in my hair are Jessicurl’s weekly deep conditioning treatment and Lustrasilk’s shea butter cholesterol plus. I am not mixed by the way.

  25. naturelvsme says:

    I love Carol’s Daughter products but because of the price, I will be buying no more of them. I have extremely dry coarse thick and super shrinked kinky hair. My hair soaks up all moisture and the healthy hair butter and tui hair oil are the first commercialized products that ever worked for me. When I’m done with the carol’s daughter, I will be sticking with just glycerin/water. But for my thick coarse hair type, I have to be more generous withthe glycerin instead of being able to do equal parts of glycerin and water. Soak the hair from the roots and soak all the way down in sections. Moisture and softness for days with no need to reapply until after your next wash. Every now and then I use some shea on my ends and some cocoanut oil on my scalp. Other than that, nothing else. Glycerin and water is God’s gift to my hair.

  26. Asha says:

    Did you try the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie? It’s a great moisturizer and for twist outs. However, it is very expensive for only 8 ounces.

  27. Asha says:

    naturelvsme qhemet biologics amla and olive heavy cream is a great moisturizer. Costs $16.95.

  28. Dee says:

    I tried Carol’s Daughter for the first time last night and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED the Tui Shampoo and the Hair Milk Left my hair feeling VERY HARD and I swear it too me 3 washes with my regular shampoo and conditioner to get my hair somewhat back to itself. I am very un happy and will be taken the items back!

  29. Rae says:

    I must join the anti vote for CD…I used the Tui shampoo and my hair became so tangled..I cried for hours and spent approx 60$ on her products which I will return today!!!! I feel tricked…2 thumbs down…BTW my hair type is curly kinky

  30. Bobbi says:

    Hey there! Just stopping in to let you know how the CD Hair milk is going…so far so good, I don’t use it everyday. I have found the almond oil in the spray bottle with water works well. I’ve also found that shea butter works great when you do a twist out. It keeps the hair from becoming frizzy.

    Love this site, will check in again!

  31. Bertha Richmond says:

    Hi there! I have used Khoret Amen Shampoo w/Sea Moss; Khoret Amen Hair Smothie and Lisa’s Hair Elixir — I am Very! Very please with all (3) products. The products soften my hair; stop hair breakage & frizz hair; give my hair shine; and made my hair to grow. I just enjoy the products. Now I will order a (2) shipment from Carol daughters. I have always gone to Hair Professionals to get my hair done. With the Carol Daughters’ products I take it with me and the Hair Professionals applieds the products to my hair. I’m just happy with the products

  32. Michelle Antoinette says:

    I have tried a few of CD products. I am not a fan of the hair milk, tui hair smoothie or any of the oils. My hair like many of yours responds better to glycerin spritz and most times just water period. Some of the CD products that are beneficial to my hair are loc butter, and healthy hair butter. Loc butter works well on my hair when its wet and getting twisted or corn rowed; easy to manage nice shine and hold-plus it smells delightful. The healthy hair butter is nice when I use it at bed time when I protect my hair in plats. I also use Kizzy Stay Put Pomade on my edges. I agree 100% with Nappyme. We seem to always be on the hunt to find new products and while that is fine, sometimes our good old fashioned staples are all we need 😉

  33. nicole says:

    Does nothing for your curls. Left my hair hard, dry, frizzy birdsnest.

  34. Margo says:

    Lisa’s Elixir is the only product that I think is worth purchasing. However, I would never order from their website, especially if you’re unsure about a product. Their customer service is awful and not worth dealing with.

  35. Jasmine says:

    Hello I’ve started to go natural in the summer of 2006 without initially cutting off my relaxed ends but rather letting my hair grow out. However, just recently, I ended up cutting off more than 2.5 inches of dead because improper detangling methods and poor products I’ve discovered. So now I’m back at it again trying various things. Unless I’ve missed someone else’s review, I’ve heard and read several great reviews in regards to Karen’s Body Beautiful products. So before I make an investment. Does anyone else agree that her products work?

    • nappyme says:

      So are you fully natural, or still transitioning?

      • Jasmine says:

        I’m fully natural now

      • nappyme says:

        Jasmine I don’t know how expensive they are, but expensive don’t mean they work better than something you could probably find in a local store or beauty supply. To detangle you just need to be patient, use a wide-tooth comb along with a product that can give you adequate slippage. A braid spray can do that or any cheap conditioner. Fingers also work wonders as well.

        With regard to moisturizing products, you’re mostly just going to have to sample until you find something that you AND your hair likes. For example my hair loves water and glycerin based products but for the most part loathes oils. They leave my hair hard and unmoisturized. Just remember that most nappy hair requires moisture and OIL is not moisture so read the labels.

        Before you invest in Karen’s Body Beautiful products, even if they get favorable review from everyone else, see if they have sample or very small sizes that you can try out. If they don’t work, find a swap and sell board somewhere so you’re not stuck with products you don’t like.

        Good luck!

  36. Curly Q says:

    I just spent about 60 bucks on her products because I have heard great things but I am highly highly disappointed. It left my hair dry and hard to manage plus the smell was awful. Never again CD.

  37. Millie-Pat says:

    CD’s Healthy Hair Butter has Beeswax in it and this ingredient may be the cause of hair feeling hard and dry. I purchased mine from the CD store and the gentleman that helped me said it would add moisture to my hair. However, I don’t see how moisture could get in the hair with the Beeswax. I used to hair press my hair using Beeswax pressing grease, because Beeswax is great for protecting the hair from moisture. I think the Hair Butter was designed to work for those that use heat on their hair.

    I recently purchased the CD’s Mimosa Hair Honey and after one week, I saw a 80% reduction in hair breakage. I apply a light amount to the scalp before massaging my scalp each night, then cover my head with a satin night cap. So far, the Mimosa is five stars.

    Since learning about the hair damages of petro based greases, I began using a small amount of the Marrakesh Oil by Earthly Body on my hair as a morning hair dressing. Wow what a difference, soft hair that is easier to comb out.

  38. Tonya says:

    I tried CD for the first time 2 moths ago. I am using the Elixir and I can truly say that I love how it keeps my hair moisturized and soft. The scent took some getting used to though. I have tried all the other “black” line of products and there is no comparision on the results for my hair. Usually my hair ends are dry and frizzy by the weeks end but not w/ CD. Plus it’s light so it’s not greasy. I plan on purchasing the Hair Balm too.
    I would agree with another poster it depends on your hair type, you just can’t believe something will work for you because it has worked for someone else. I have a cabinet full of “tested” products but I would not say it did not work or it was bad. I would say it did not work for my hair type.

  39. naturelvsme says:


    Wow. Still a bit too pricey for me. I would love to try some things but all this stuff is too much. I only pay 7 dollars for a descent size bottle of glycerin. and water comes out of my tap. maybe later when i have a budget to work with but not now.

  40. Jeanelle says:

    Does anyone what happened to Eden Body Works products? are they out of business? I’ve heard some really good reviews of their products.

  41. rebecca says:

    Wow, I just found this page and I feel much better now that I know I’m not the only person who was disappointed by CD. I dropped $15 (plus $7 for shipping) on the loc butter for my huband – it smelled delicious and moisturized my hands nicely but didn’t hold his hair at all, and his roots were frizzy again within a few days. I had to go back to using the $4 locking gel we pick up at the drug store – it may not smell as nice, but it holds about ten times better!

  42. dom says:

    wow i just ordered almost $70 worth of CD products TODAY,my hair is dry and is shedind ALOT im coming out of a relaxer and heard that the product was great.Now im having second thoughts with all these negative reviews ive read on here. I hope CD works for my hair because i will be highly dissapointed.If CD doesnt work would anyone have other suggestions?

  43. onenine08 says:

    Some of u have responded to some of the posts in some really catty ways.

    Ya know… I reread all the comments on this post and saw nothing wrong with the way people voiced their opinions about the products they used. Yours is the only one that I have a bit of a problem with — quite frankly, it comes across as snarky and know-it-all… Very uncalled for particularly since you don’t know anyone’s back story or how they approach finding products they like. With that said, I think you can voice your opinion about a product or give advice without attacking other people’s comments. So in the future…let’s try that…shall we?

    That said, here’s the remainder of your comment…

    However, the majority have been helpful. The most helpful concept is the fact that u have to mix, match, & try until u find the right combination for ur hair.
    I’m a true product junkie & will try anything that piques my interest whether it costs $1 or $100 — whether it comes from Walmart or Macy’s.
    It boils down to this — be it hair products, skin products, or make-up — NO ONE product line has all of the answers. My hair has been natural for the past 7 years and I kept it page boy short for 6 of those years. During that phase Burt’s Bees and this $2 pink gel at Walmart was all I needed. Now that I am growing it out I am finding that I have to switch it up. I use Carol’s Daughter shampoo, Smoothie, and Leave-In and ECO gel to define my curls. I just ordered some samples from Miss Jessies because my hair is getting too long for my current regimen.
    My point is this — be flexible. Make the comittment to try things in order to find what works for u. When friends (& strangers) ask how I get my hair to look the way it does I tell them my regimen, but I also let them know its not science, so their results could vary based on their texture, water condition, climate, hair length, health, etc.
    And that’s all I have to say about that. Peace sistas…

  44. Rissa says:


    I have been using CD for two months now. I honestly love it. I have relaxed, course hair and my hair does really great with these products. I really do think its based on your hair. When i researched products for african american hair, this product came up as one that should be used with DRY hair that TAKES in or sucks up moisture. If your hair is already naturally oily, or oil tends to just sit on your hair, this is not the product for you. Also during my research, it was recommended several times that if you have naturally oily hair, Beauty for Ashes is a good product..Hope this helps

  45. chrissystina says:

    Carol’s Daughter has HORRIBLE customer service when you call them! I was SHOCKED!
    I used to buy those products when they first came out, but now that I have better options, I realized that I never really liked the products, just the hype!

  46. NubianPrize says:

    It’s amazing how varied our hair responses are ! You never know what to expect when you try a product. You may even find that products labeled for your curl type don’t work well but ones for other curl types do.Case in point. I’ve often heard that CD products aren’t for truly kinky hair but for looser types ( Jada & Jaden Pickett) but there’s a woman at my school who has very thick kinky, probably coarse 4b hair that seems to have no curl pattern.It’s definitely a coarser grade than I have & she says it’s all one texture.She has a big thick gorgeous afro which I’ve watched grow like weeds since she came to my school last year. It’s twice as big as it was last year.Sometimes she wears twists/twist outs.She SWEARS by CD & uses mostly the Tui line.She transitioned to natural after years of perms. I have soft fine textured 4a/b with about 3 curl variations & did the BC last year after years of curly perms. I’m wearing wigs til it’s all good & no more scab hair. Anyhow I tried the Hair Milk & it was OK & so was the hair butter but Qhemet products worked better. This week ,after another talk with the lady at my school,I decided to give CD another chance & try Hair balm,Khoret Amen leave in conditioner,& hair butter together after washing. The leave in was AWFUL.Left my hair hard , crisp,shrunk up & uncombable.KC Knot today did the same last year only WORSE. KCCC works better for me without the Knot today. Washed the leave in out & used a little Tui smoothie sample the hair balm & butter for twisting. Hair became nice & soft .As I sit here typing,the twists are drying & hair is still nice & soft. I added some oils to the leave in & will see what happens if I try that mix on dry hair. It had made my dry hair feel a bit crispy a few days ago but it got soft when I added the butter & balm plus a wee bit of Qhemet AOHC. Thumbs up for the balm & butter,jury’s out on the Tui smoothie since I only had a teeny sample,thumbs down on the Khoret amen leave in.I’m still experimenting with different products to see which does what for my particular hair. I’ve gotten good results from the aforementioned CD,Qhemet & CURLS products.My hair seems to like oils & butters.

  47. CoCo says:

    I used CD’s Tui shampoo with the detoxing pepermint conditioner, I’m not sure which product left that white residue in my hair. when I first felt it in my hair i was scared thought I didnt rinse it out well enough. Then I noticed that my hair airdrying faster than normal, so I put the pressing balm on it before I blew it dry. After blowing dry the rest of my hair that icky residue on my roots disappeard and my hair was very easy to flat iron. After I finish off my bottles I will def go back to Dr. miracle, and wild growth oil.

  48. msquitta says:

    I am currently transitioning and started out using CD products. I choose the black vanilla leave in and hair smootie. I had to return it because the smell was so strong it was giving me headaches. I don’t think it is a bad product but not for me. I am currently learning what works and what doesn’t. The CD hhb works good for me but I use it on wet hair with the CD hair balm. My hair likes butters and oils just not to much.

  49. ldmor says:

    I just tried CD this past weekend and I loved it! I don’t know what hair type I have but I do not have extremely loose curls. According to the CD website, I would be closer to the tight hair example with a little loose patches in between. I have been relaxer-free for four years now.
    I Love the Tui shampoo and conditioner. I could have just got of the shower with it. I did try the hair milk and at first I didn’t like it by just putting it on my hair but then I realized to scrunch my hair and what a difference that made. It also worked instantly when I twisted a strand just to see and not even 5 minutes later it was a nice curl. I got so many compliments. It really defined my curl and it was great. I didn’t feel like washing my hair the next day so I did twists at night with the hair milk. Loved it, it is the best “setting” lotion that I have ever used for my twists out. It works well. I have had no residue as some describes and my hair stays moisturized. I guess it all depends on everyone’s body chemistry and hair type. If you have tight hair like me I would highly recommend this product for someone with tight curls.

  50. ADM says:

    Do NOT trust Carol’s Daughter with your gift giving! My mother was left without a gift this Mother’s Day because of Carol’s Daughter’s poor customer service and failure to deliver a purchase made 2 entire weeks in advance! This company ruined my attempt to give my Mom a gift on Mother’s Day!!!!! Do not waste your $.

  51. Whit says:

    I recently transitioned to natural hair and I am wondering if anyone has tried the straight look from time to time. I see a lot of people doing the curly style and I am in the midst of trying some of the different products you’ve all named. I tried CD and it just wasnt right for me so I took it back and I am waiting on my Miss Jessie’s order to come. However, I would like to wear my hair straight from time to time and it feels like the thought of humidity ruins my hours of straightening. Is there anything to protect my hair from humidity?

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Whit,
      I’m never one to advocate using heat on one’s hair, but I understand the occasional desire for a press n curl. Know the risks and take precautions. High, direct heat from pressing combs, flat irons and hot curlers can severely damage hair. Use the lowest heat possible and use a heat protectorant. Also know that blow drying and hooded dryers can severely dry your hair out leaving it hard and brittle and prone to breakage.

      If this is enough to make you rethink your decision but you still want a straight style, try a wig instead.

      As far as what can keep your hair from reverting, good old fashioned hair grease (if you can stand it) serve may serve as a barrier to make your hair more resistant to reversion in the heat and humidity.

      Good luck

      If there are other things on the market, I’m unaware of them, perhaps someone else can suggest something.

      • S says:

        Only other process to maintain somewhat straighness is add products like motions foam. I tried lotta body maybe I used to much my hair was stiff as a board. But it stayed straight though hardy har har! Personally I like softness so somebody on fotki think it was pokahantas uses vaseline intenses care my hair loves that in summer only. It takes forever to dry but your hair is moist n soft for days.

  52. Niki says:

    Does anyone have any views on Aubrey Organic products? The constant dissatisfaction I’m seeing with Carol’s Daughter on different sites is enough to make me want to stay away from the line of products

  53. S says:

    AUBREY is great if you need weight for thick hair the rose condish. I am so like nappy me why buy expensive when dollar general essence does the same thing? I dont know about you all but im not trying to go into the poor house so somebody else can live in the big house. And natures gate made me itch something horrible. I couldent wait to it out.


  54. B says:

    Can someone help me please!! I have been natural for about 3 yrs however I hate wearin my hair out becuz I can’t. Good products so I jus keep a full sew in.. But I’m soooo sick of this weave n my hair.. But I don’t wanna take it out until I kno I can tame my hair… I tried cd hair milk it was dry frizzy and yuck.. I jus didn’t like it.. I heard devacurl, miSs jessies, etc.. But wats really good for a nappy head with tons of textures type 4!!! Something that will stay moisturized and make my hair stay curly.. Bcuz imma college student and can’t afford to buy all these products and come to find out they don’t work!!!! 😦

    • nappyme says:

      B, I’m sorry you’re having such a time with your hair.

      I’m sure you know I’m a type 4 but I don’t have a natural curl/coil pattern. Just lots of random loops, bends, and maybe some coils. No definition whatsoever and as a result, I can’t personally help you with finding products that help keep your hair curly.

      As for moisturizing, you can definitely do that on the cheap. Look for water/glycerine based products such as Sta Sof Fro, Carefree Curl and Wave Nuveau moisturizers. Personally, I’ve been using Proline Lite Creme Moisturizer for years. Proline also makes what they call a Softener. It’s instant softness. My only beef with this product is that it smell just like baby lotion.

      If you don’t mind that give it try. Other than that, clear gel curl activators are also good for moisturizer. Get a good brand cause if you don’t they could end up leaving a granular kinda residue in your hair.

      Now if you MUST have curls/coils that pop, maybe someone will come along and give you some idea of what you can use.

      Good luck!

  55. beverlyann66 says:

    Reading some of these comments have me really scared that I purchased some products today. I bought Jada’s duo and the black vanilla herbal shampoo and leave in conditioner. My hair is relaxed and I wanted to try them, will I regret it?

    • nappyme says:

      Beverly I really don’t know. All you can do is try them and see. If you read reviews around the internet they’re mixed. Some folks love what they buy others absolutely hate them. The ones I purchased just really sucked for my purposes, but someone else might find them to be the bomb.

      Give what you bought a try and good luck!

  56. kira says:

    theres only 2 products i use on my hair from cd. lisa elixer and black vanilla herbal shampoo. My suggestion is do not buy a whole lot of products at one time. test each one from time to time. That how i found out what was best for my hair. Everyone hair is diffrent. The hair balm does not work on my hair at all, it made it come out . I had went natural . Using these 2 products helped my hair go through the transition beautifully. I did try to stop using lisa elixer and my hair became course. Now i am nautral for 1 year and 4 months. I also trim my hair every month ( 1 inch).

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Kira,
      Glad you found something that works for you. Wow, you trim your hair one inch a month? Your hair must really grow fast. most people’s hair only grows 1/2 inch a month. If I trimmed that much off every month, it wouldn’t take long for me to be totally bald.

  57. NaturalBeauty30 says:

    Phew! I’m relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. I also have a couple other of her products, but can’t remember the names because I haven’t used them in like 2 years. I’m not crazy about the smell of the products and the hair milk is so oily. It does nothing for my hair. I even tried it on my son’s hair, who’s texture at the moment is finer than my 4b texture and it really greased up his hair and didn’t do it any justice either. Good thing my friend recommended I start with the smaller size because after hearing all the media advertisement on it, I was sure it was going to do wonders on my hair and was prepared to get the big size. I can’t even get through the smaller size. And it is very expensive, especially to not deliver. I like the Kinky Curly Custard when I want my curls really shiny and defined and to hold for about a week with just wetting it to rejuvenate my curls after waking up. I also like the Knot Today hair detangler and leave-in conditioner. It leaves your hair soft, it’s all natural, and it works great on my son’s hair. No product build up and it’s not heavy or oily or anything.

  58. Danielle says:

    I am trying to find something diffrent for my hair that is very thin,permed and coarse. I would like to get my hair back to looking healthy and full, please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Sandreea says:

    Just wanted to second whomever is using DooGro! It works for me AND it won’t break my pocket book. I have been natural for about 3 years and my hair line was all jacked up and thin from weaves. After using DooGro’s mega tick anti thinning formula my hair line is restored and is healthy!! I can wear weaves (braidsmostly) and don’t have to worry about my real hair! I also used the mega thick shampoo, conditioner and oil! I honestly prefer Organic wild hair growth oils over DooGros oil because it makes my coarse hair soft. The oganic oils have an off putting smell (it doesn’t last long at all) but they work!

    Also, I use DooGro on my 15 month old and her hair, coarse like mine, is growing rapidly and is very healthy!

  60. T says:

    Ok idk why ppl down talk products everything is not 4 every1 i am a hair styles and ive been using it for over a year and EVERYONE I use it on loves it so I think its you hair not the product.

  61. Ninanature says:

    Hello ladies/ gentlemen I am in the process of producing my own natural haircare lines and all these comments has greatly helpedme in my marketing strategy. Wow I used on CD product and it is dependant upon hair type, etc but I do know that whatever works for you works for you, and sometimes you may have a bad experience but you get up and try something different out of the 2 1/2 years Ive been natural Ive only found about 4 produts that works for me,but my problem Is why dont us ethnic ppl have more and better products out there for us? I mean organic/natural products. This is what encouraged my hunt. I am soproblack and I really feel we do no have a voice in the common haircare markets. Tell me when is the last commerical on TV you seen a true sista or brotha rocking a head full of nappy/ kinky hair proudly without weave ? Like almost Neva is the anwser. I am so empowered Im ready to make a spot for us!!!!

  62. dimples says:

    Lucked up on the site lookn 4 some infor. On CD now that I no I don’t think I want 2 go there, I have a 3yr. old grand daughter an her hair on the ends r frizzy an hard, I clip her ends every so often it helps her hair 2 grow but it doesn’t help her ends, I do blow dry her hair but the frizzyness was there b 4 I started blow dryn her hair could someone please help me, what product would b good for her hair that would moistures and make her end soft an more manageable?

  63. Emile says:

    I use Carol’s Daughter products in my daughter’s hair and it has worked wonders. She has really thick, soft hair that is very hard to tame. I’ve tried lots of products but this has been the best by far.

  64. Niki says:

    I am currently trying to go natural. I am only 8 weeks post relaxer. Even with a relaxer my hair is still very, very thick! I have no idea what hair type I have because my mother started using relaxers in my hair when I was very young and I continued to use it throughout my teenage and adult years. I’m hoping that by going natural my hair will retain its thickness and most importantly be healthy! I have started using CD products. I really like the hair milk. I really don’t care for the Tui Shampoo….it left my hair tangled. I will be trying the Khoret smoothie during my next wash.

  65. Ms Millie says:

    Has anyone tried Wen?

  66. kaliyah says:

    I bought carol’s daughter @ sephora after hearing all the good reviews on it. I bought the peppermint shampoo & conditioner, & Lisa’s hair elixir. I love it actually, I even have my roommate (who is Hispanic) using the elixir too. I have fine hair that is not thick. I haven’t had a relaxer in two years & probably have about 2 inches of hair to grow out still. I was talking about CD today & another girl told me she heard it was bad for our hair & recommended wen hair products. I haven’t experienced what most of the women who gave cd a poor rating have. It stopped my scalp from flaking completely. I was using doogro to grease my scalp & it wasn’t stopping the flakes. I do use the doo gro oil when I get braids & weaves because it works great for that style. Anyway…I also use biosilk, lotus shield from Avon, & got2b heat protector spray, before I pull my chi out in the mornings. I don’t have a relaxer but I still straighten my hair because I haven’t found anything that works well for my curly style. That’s really where I need some advice in I’d like to wear my hair curly more & save straightened styles for special occasions (or something) also I haven’t had a weave in a year & my edges are not how I remember what can I do to really just speed up edge growth? Oh & how can I make my own glycerin spray? Where do I find glycerin?

    • nappyme says:

      Icequeen, since you’re calling your hair “curly” I’m not sure what to tell you. I don’t consider nappy hair curly. It’s more kinky than anything. Read my blog post on nappy vs curly hair to see what I mean.

      Now if you truely have CURLY hair, you’d be better off asking questions about your hair on a site like If you’ve got nappy/kinky hair like mine, please feel free to search my blog and read various articles to get a better idea of what products might work on your hair.

      As far as glycerin is concerned, many many moisturizering products contain glycerine, you’ll just have to read the labels. Also, if you’re looking for straight glycerine, you can find it at most any beauty supply store or some place like Whole Foods.

      Good luck!

  67. kaliyah says:

    Oops I meant rosemary mint shampoo & conditioner, not peppermint. I just wanted to add that I shampoo my hair twice and then condition, letting it sit for 5 minutes. By the second wash it lathers for me. All the reviews have me wondering…I did just notice that after shampooing my hair feels stripped. The conditioner brings it back to life! Has anyone tried wen products?

  68. Diane says:

    I purchased the Jada duo and the hair milk curl stuff, the hair oil and balm are not bad but the hair milk is trash! thank God i only bought the try me size. I think Jada Pinkett should not be a spokesperson for this line because she does tell you that is is black and white and we fail to realize what that means in terms of her hair type and growth.

    • nappyme says:

      LOL. Well, I think that Jada represents herself and women who have her hair texture. If it works for her and the company likes how people respond to her as a spokewoman then it’s just good business sense to use jada to pitch their product. Like anything else, people need to purchase stuff, based on the their texture to see how it works for them. I certainly didn’t buy any of the CD’s products based on Jada’s texture. I read the ingredients and thought they MIGHT work on my hair.

      LOL again. I was DEADT wrong. LOL.

  69. redteddy says:

    Ok well its a bloody pity I didn’t read this blog before I purchased CD’s products. I purchased tui and black vanilla smoothie, the milk curly hair shampoo and conditioner and also monoi shampoo and conditioner and its been an expensive experiment which left my hair in awful condition. I have long hair with loose curly hair not kinky hair and STILL the products made my hair coarse and unmanageable. So to the blogger I don’t think CD didn’t work because your hair is kinky but because the products are sub-standard. Has anyone taken a look at the label? She may not add mineral oil or parabens and what not but its full of chemicals and the fragrance smells chemical as well. At first I thought it was just me but reading around i’m definitely not the only one who’s confused by they hype around this product. Now I have these products that will not get a second try by me and I cannot in good conscience give them away because I believe they are sub-standard (‘one can’t give something to someone and say it sucks, you take it’). I think the company is riding on a myth and Jada’s pretty smile.

  70. jaedabarbie says:

    I totally disagree with everyone. I love Carols Daughters products and it works great on my hair.

  71. Nicky says:

    I hear so many bad comments regarding the hair products. Has anyone had any negative or positive experiences with the lotions, bath gels and scouffles? Thanks,

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Nicky,

      Whoa! Absolutely not. Trust when I say you would NOT want to use pure glycerine on your hair. It’s too thick and gooey to be used alone. Google homemade recipees for moisturizing your hair with glycerine. There are some good ones out there.

      Take care and good luck!

  72. Tanisha says:

    Hi Nappyme!
    I am a newbie on your blog and I have read the majority of all your blog articles and I think you may be able to help steer me in the right direction. I’m a 23 year old United States Air Force Soldier and I’m in the BEGINNING of my tranisitional stage to Natural hair. When I say beginning I mean I have just decided to commit myself to a Natural Hair Regimen and have been post relaxer for 4 weeks now.
    Now I have been on countless blogs and hair sites for African American Women’s hair and literally have a Notebook full of countless notes and product line (CD, Karen’s Body Beautiful, Aveda, Miss Jessie’s, Bumble and Bumble, hairveda, etc etc you name it I’ve probably searched it lol) information that I’ve reviewed for months. I am still new to the whole “hair care” world. I’m not completely confident in knowing what my hair “type” is. What I do know is I’m not that mixed (I have different ethnicities in my family but nothing to exaggerated from the average African American Heritage Household), My hair was really thick when I was younger, but once I received my first relaxer my hair lost it thickness and is slowly regaining it back, as far as my hair-curl pattern, I would say that judging from my new growth I have tightly coiled curls, that are very soft when moisturized and have an “s look” when completely moisturized or wet lol. My hair isn’t exactly course to the point it can’t be combed out or have “tangling” problems, no rather it’s very dry and eats through moisture like it’ll NEVER have it ever again in my lifetime (and i moisturize my hair on a daily basis and not with oils). What would be your recommendation on a good tranistional start to a natural hair regimen and I can see you’re a “I don’t need to pay the hollywood price to get the best look” kind of women (which I like!) so what would be a great hair care product line to look into? My main goals for my hair is body (definitely want it to go back to it’s original thickness), length (my hair hasn’t grown longer in almost 3 yrs, I haven’t had a trim or anything in almost 2 years), and curl definition ( my hair is short, not shoulder lenghth, or cheekbone length, think early Halle Berry style lol) You’re help would be greatly appreciated! Stay Blessed and Beautiful Sista!


  73. Rachael J says:

    I feel like it’s a little unfair to say Carol’s Daughter, or any other product out there, doesn’t work at all, just because it doesn’t work for some people. I’ve seen just as many positive reviews fro CD as negative. Nobody’s hair is the same, and as such, different textures will respond to different products. I am a former professional ballet dancer, and as such, maintaining my hair health has been a CHALLENGE (sweating all day, constant breakage, and moisture loss), but I noticed an IMMEDIATE improvement in my hair after my first wash with the CD Monoi shampoo and conditioner, and the leave in Tui conditioner; my hair has never felt better, actually! Now, several people have said that water/glycerin products work for them, and that’s wonderful, but products with those ingredients have never done much for me, as far as improving my hair’s manageability, elasticity or remedying damage: I find myself using a cleansing shampoo weekly to get all the residue out because it tends to just sits on my hair. Does that mean I think all W/G products are useless? Of course not- I’ve watched my sister greatly improve the health of her hair, and (while we both use some pretty fabulous Aveda products) many of her styling products do contain glycerine, and work very well in her hair. Again, I believe that, as different as all hair is, is it possible for one say that a product (or in this case, a whole line of products!) simply “doesn’t work?” Or only that it may not work for everyone?
    Ugh, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to get on a soapbox, but I’ve had some experiences with people telling me how amazing a product is (Miss Jessie’s), only to find it did NOT work with my hair, at all. This is why I’m such a firm believer in trial-and-error product sampling (and with the more expensive lines like Carol’s Daughter and Miss Jessies, trial-SIZES!): I think we can only say with certainty what works or doesn’t work in our own hair.

  74. Yann says:

    I really think Carol’s Daughter’s only works for some people (as with many products). The Hair milk work or about two days after washing. The stay-put pomade (however it’s spelt) works better when my hair is blow dried as for the shampoo and conditioner, forget it! I found that using the Hair Milk and SPP are a better idea if I plan to blow-out or flat iron my hair.

    Oddly enough, Herbal Essences Shampoo works pretty well, particularly their Totally Twisted collection, my curls actually stay a while. It works even better when I use Organics coconut oil and let my hair dry in a twist on my crown. Marc Anthony’s Curl products work quiet well when I can find them. Growing up I used to use Cream of Nature products but they make my hair far too frizzy and thick, I simply cannot handle my hair on my own when I use them.

    I am thinking of giving Wen a try. My main problem with all the products I have tried is that regardless of what they say, they strip the natural oils from my hair and I hate most artificial oils. I think that’s a problem a lot of us (women) have. I also don’t want to have to use forthy-eleven-ten products to get my hair how I want it and I refuse to ever process my hair again but I need to keep it neat (can’t afford another write-up for wearing an afro.

    – Yann

    BTW. Not that it matters I’m Irish/English/Scottish/African(wish I knew where)/Panamania (wish I knew what)/Taino (allegedly) but best of all 100% Jamaican.

  75. Kaleisha says:

    Where do you work that gave you a write up for wearing an afro? That is unbelievable!

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