I love my Miss Celie Plaits…ur umm…box braids…

and screw anyone else who doesn’t! (If you’re here from HC click here ) Or scroll down to read a related post…

Ok... Maybe these arent grown and sexy...but thats not going to stop me from wearing them for awhile. But I am convinced that if I could pull this off if I can figure out how to part my hair in an attractive way. Im not in a hair mood right now yall, I just want something easy to take care of and for the time being...this is it. But if anyone has some grown and sexy box braid pics, please send them to me at nappymehappyme@aol.com and Ill show them off. Thanks!

Ok... Maybe these aren't grown and sexy...but that's not going to stop me from wearing them for awhile. But I am convinced that if I could pull this off if I can figure out how to part my hair in an attractive way. I'm not in a hair mood right now y'all, I just want something easy to take care of and for the time being...this is it. But if anyone has some grown and sexy box braid pics, please send them to me at nappymehappyme@aol.com and I'll show them off. Thanks!

 Two nights ago I made an impromptu decision to take down my hair. It’s been up in the same twists since last September. Other than reparting my hair to vary my flat twists right along my hair line, I’ve been wearing the same flat and two-strand twist for six months. Someone once asked me how I did it, how did I manage to keep my hair looking so fresh? The answer was simple; all I did was cleanse my hair while in twists, take them down, one at a time to detangle, remoisturize and then twist them back up. Wearing my hair like this enabled me to wear my twists in a multitude of styles, including ponytails, chignons and a whole lot of different updos that I’m sure you’ve seen if you’ve been following my journey as of late. In fact, these twists were so versatile that I thought I’d never grow tired of wearing my hair like this.


Well I was wrong. Ok… sort of.


It was getting to the point that my method of keeping my hair looking fresh just wasn’t working anymore. I’d redo my flat twists one day and before the end of the day, they would look weeks old. Same thing with my two-strand twists, no matter if I just retwisted, they just looked old. And God help me if I slept on them…I’d wake up with my whole head looking like a fuzzy, wuzzy rug.


My hair was trying to tell me something, and that something was most def “TAKE ME DOWN!”


Yeah, right. So between that and the itchies, I finally obliged and took my hair down…  something I’ve been dreading doing for quite awhile. Seems like over the past six months, I’ve gained about an inch-and-a-half of length and believe me when I tell you that managing 15.5 inches of loose hair (ok my lower layers are about 12-13 inches long or so) as opposed to what it was last September is a game changer. I new it would be cause it was taking me longer just to do ONE twist from root to tip. Multiply that by probably 80 of those bad boys, and I realized that I no longer had the wherewithal to twist my whole head in a single sitting. NO WONDER I was dreading taking my hair down because no way would I want to redo my whole head anytime soon. So in the meantime, what in the world would I, could I do with nearly a foot and-a-half of thick, nappy hair?

I know some of y’all can do it — style your loose natural hair — but I can’t. I’ve tried. It’s too dense. I’ve tried to part my hair down the middle and do two flat twists. I’ve tried coming up with other styles on loose nappy hair and no matter what I tried, I’d end up getting frustrated and just working my hair into a puff. Not good. Cute, but not good. Destroys my ends. So nope, uh uh, not good.

So just how did I end up wearing my hair? You got it…in a puff. A really cute low puff. Uuuuggghhhh! That night, I came home and racked my brain about what to do with my hair. The next morning, Thursday morning, I made three plaits across the front, (very similar to how my hair was styled as a little girl — you know — one on the top and two on either side)  and then pulled those back into a low puff.

I looked at it and thought “Ok…yeah, I like this.” But throughout the day, I was still agonizing about wearing my puff so I decided to put the back in plaits too, rather reminiscent of T‘keyah Crystal Kemah, you know, the lady who played the mom on “That’s So Raven.” She always wore plaits, held a professional position, and I always thought her hair looked so cute. Well, alright, I’ll confess that I wasn’t a fan of EVERY plaited arrangement of her hair, but none the less I loved how the character wore her braids with such confidence that no one would even bat an eye at the fact that most folks would consider all those plaits to be a “little girl’s hair style.”

Shoot, in my opinion, she was workin’ it. Who says hair has to be long, straight and flowing this way and that to make a women feel and look grown and sexy. It’s all about attitude!

So this evening, that’s what I did.I put the back in plaits as well. Took the better part of an hour. Now, I’ve looked at it from all angles and for the record I do like it.  Not sure if I LOVE it, (and frankly not feeling the grown and sexy part either — more like grown, but casual) but I definitely like it enough to wear it like this for an indefinite period of time. Problem is, I braid so tightly that the braids in the back look rather anorexic. They’re long and skinny. Well, I also suspect they’re kinda thin because I had a fair amount of breakage over the winter months in a couple of spots. I was hoping they’d have more volume but they don’t, however, I can definitely live with them for now. I just hope it holds up cause right now, I’m just NOT in the mood to spend anymore time on my hair.

That said, I might just keep my hair in braids like this for the rest of the spring and all summer long too. That should give me a needed break from my hair and give it a chance to recover from being handled so much over this past winter.

10 Responses to “I love my Miss Celie Plaits…ur umm…box braids…”
  1. b. says:

    Hm…could you part each section on the diagonal of the “square” and create two braids? The back may look fuller this way and create a design. That’s the first thought I had.

    The twists may have began to rebel because they were kept in the same way each time. Did you try to reposition your twists by sectioning the hair in different ways during the take-down? Maybe that would help too.

    Good luck! And, by the way, I wonder if you tried creating larger two-strand twists the way you created larger braids. There’s also a tutorial on three-strand twists that you may also like (YouTube). Thanks again for just being yourself.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Brandee,

      Thanks for the POSITIVE feed back!

      This pic was my first iteration and attempt at box braids. Later I ended up making them a little smaller all over, and I liked that a little better. After seeing my hair in this pic, I’ve just come to the conclusion that I don’t have the volume for box braids. Anything smaller, like micros would not be good for my hair. Soooo I don’t think more volume is going to happen no matter HOW I part my hair.

      With regard to larger twists, yeah, I’ve worn larger twist before and I like them. When I took my hair down from these Miss Celie plaits, that’s how I wore my hair for about three weeks up ’til yesterday…well early this morning. From about 2 – 5 a.m. today, I ended up restyling my hair in one of my favorite flat twist/twist hair dos.

      And about those three strand twists, if you do a search on YouTube for three-strand twists, you’ll find my tutorial too!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Jen says:

    I braided my hair ONCE and hated it. LOL But like you, I have fine hair, so what looks massive when it’s out, or even when it’s twisted looks anorexic when braided. You have to make them smaller (not much smaller) and part them like a brick wall. That way the braids fall in the spaces.

    I don’t know if it will work for you. But I wish you luck because I haven’t had any luck with them at all.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Jen,
      I’ll probably try them one more time when I have more time to do them, and can can therefore, put more thought/effort into making the parts. They’ll definitely be a LITTLE smaller though not much.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts/feedback. Much appreciated!

  3. allnatural09 says:

    So far this site is great. I have been natural for just over two years. Last night was the first time felt the need to cut several inches off. I did not like the way my ends were feeling. Wooly and Rough. I had planned to run the clippers across it tonight to try shaping it up. However, I read a comment that stated there is no need to even it out because it can be patted into shape. You are so right. That is what I did this morning. DUH on my part. Over thinking the process.

    I do love my hair and gotten lazy about it from time to time which contributed to the previous feel of my hair. I toy with the idea of relaxing it but I find that I am afraid to relax my hair more than I was when I decided to go natural. Funny huh? Currently I do have concerns about my front edges. I allowed africans to do the two strand twist back in November. My was pulled out literally from the tightness. It is growing back good but I am noticing some thinning. Not happy about that. No to be honest with you I do wear a headband everyday and I believe it does some pulling at may edges too. I do brush it back as well. But I use the shampoo type brush.
    Products I use for moisture glycerin being the newest(first day). These are not all used daily as my hair had grown out a lot. *only tested
    Virgin Cocunut Oil
    Olive Oil
    *Dr. Miracle for the nap area
    *Castor oil for the nap area
    Mane n Tail Detaingler
    Sta So Soft Pro
    Pantene Moisturizing Poo and Conditioner
    I have also used the Pantene Conditioning Mask
    Liv hair dress for my twist outs
    Recently ECO protein gel
    *I have shampooed my hair twice with the natural black soap. It cleaned it but moisture was an issue afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing your info, up until now most my info has come from youtube and researching products and ingredients.

  4. denise says:

    Ha! This is great, I used to do this in college, because I didn’t know of any other natural styles besides flat twist and two strand twists. This was a staple and did an especially cute braid out, however it was a pain to spend that much time braiding. I haven’t done this in years, but I may try it this summer.

  5. Tuma says:

    Give me that gorgeous hair! I love it, I wear my hair the same way all the time…except my hair is shorter and less dense.

  6. sky says:

    How did you deep condition your hair from september until now since you always had them in twists. Or did you deep condition with your hair in twists?

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Sky,
      You may be surprised to know that I never deep condition my hair. In fact, that’s a whole nuther story cause I don’t use conditioner at all. I cleanse and then go straight to the moisturizer. I’ve never, every found conditioner to be beneficial to my hair.

  7. sky says:

    ohhhh, I am surprised to hear this. WOW and your hair grew lonnnngggg. Hmm makes me rethink everything I know. Just the other day I stumbled upon a napptural who does not comb her hair. I tell you this journey really is about finding what works for you.

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