Getting Creative With Unconventional Hair Accessories

By now, y’all know I’m a hair accessory junkie. Can’t help myself, really and it keeps me from getting totally bored with my hair. And that can be easy to do since I tend to wear the same basic styles for weeks and sometimes months on end. So I’m always, always always on the look … Continue reading

Twistout Bangs2

I spent, oh like two-three hours doing my hair last night. And NOT into another full head of two-strand twists with flat twists along my hair line, which has pretty much become my signature style over the past year. As much as I love this style, I came to the realization that it wasn’t allowing … Continue reading

Twistout Bangs

  I recently took all the twists out of my hair, combed out and detanged with a brush and a comb…something I rarely do. I hate taking my hair down simply because I know I’m not about to redo my hair anytime soon in small two-strand twists.In the interim, I really struggle with finding some … Continue reading

Loose Hair, don’t care…

Ok… I lie. I rarely take my hair out of twists. Not even to wash it or color it. But my hair had been up in the same set of twists for…wow it’s been so long I really can’t remember. Maybe early spring. So I’ve been really, really wanting to but dreading taking it down. … Continue reading

I finally did it!

flat twist up! (Insert snoopy happy dance here) After trying off and on for several years (with ChocoLatte from NP as my inspiration) one day about a week ago, I reached in the back of my head and flat twisted up. Up from my nape toward my crown. Yep up. Finger placement and what to do … Continue reading

The Best of “How are you wearing your hair today?”

cNapp Style! How many times have picked up a hair magazine, only to be disappointed that your cNapp texture was terribly under represented or not featured at all. Or, how many times have you gone into a thread on a hair board only to see more talk than style? Wouldn’t you like to just once, … Continue reading