I finally did it!

flat twist up! (Insert snoopy happy dance here)
This is my first flat twists started at my nape and going up toward my crown! Not bad if I do say so myself.

This is my first flat twists started at my nape and going up toward my crown! Not bad if I do say so myself.

After trying off and on for several years (with ChocoLatte from NP as my inspiration) one day about a week ago, I reached in the back of my head and flat twisted up. Up from my nape toward my crown. Yep up. Finger placement and what to do with my hair all coming to me out of the blue just like when I was trying to teach myself how to three-strand twist a couple of years ago.

This skill is show nuff gonna come in handy. I have several styles that I’d love to try but couldn’t because I didn’t know how to do this and my dag gone sister is too (selfish…ok, that’s not the right word…hmmm lazy, yeah that’s better) to do it for me. I’m also rather beside myself with elation cause I’ve been wearing my hear in an up do all summer long. This has prompted me to play with my kitchens a lot. They’re subject to knots and single-strand knots like you wouldn’t believe. Then I started picking at them to break them off (cause I hate them soooo much).  And before I knew it, my back edges looked like they were chewed up and spit back out, prompting my mom to ask me if my hair was breaking back there. 

Ok...how much fun is this.

Ok...how much fun is this.

Well, hmmm…were they really starting to look that bad?  

Anyhoo, now that I can flat twist up, I can catch all the broken off hairs into the twist. And now when I feel back there there’s nothing sticking out, and that keeps them from rolling and knotting up AND now there’s nothing with me to play with and deliberately break off.

My kitchen have always had the potential to grow fairly long and now this should help em out tremendously.

Whoo hoo me!

4 Responses to “I finally did it!”
  1. Laquita says:

    Very nice – I have yet to learn how to twist/cornrow my own hair going up toward my crown – I should start practicing ;o)

  2. Tashina says:

    +1 Laquita. I am making that my goal right now.

  3. Ms. S says:

    Hello! I love the two-strand twists in a ponytail look. Do you think I can pull this off with relaxed hair? I am transitioning to natural but would like to have a style (such as this one) that I can wear for a week… and then take it down and rock a twist out for a day or two. I look forward to your feedback.


    • nappyme says:

      Hi Ms. S.
      Thank you so much. I don’t know if you can pull this off with relaxed hair because it will not give you the volume that natural hair will. But I do know that some people use twists and twist outs as a transition style. You could try posing your question in Nappturality.com’s Transitioner’s Forum. Also, try googling transition hair styles. Seems to me I tried that once and found a good deal of information out there.

      Hope that helps,

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