Twistout Bangs


I recently took all the twists out of my hair, combed out and detanged with a brush and a comb…something I rarely do. I hate taking my hair down simply because I know I’m not about to redo my hair anytime soon in small two-strand twists.In the interim, I really struggle with finding some way to wear my hair that I like. I have my broken off hair line to thank for that. I’ve had problems with my hairline for years; it’s the one thing that I cannot come to grips with when it comes to my texture. I honestly cannot stand the look of really short, rolled up, rough looking nappy hair framing my face. And no matter what style I come up with that doesn’t involve flat twists around my hair line, I cannot camoflage this broken off hair. It doesn’t blend and no product I’ve ever used can make it lay down in an attractive way. So this is the time that I can become incredibly frustrated with my hair. And it’s not until I put my hair back into my full-head twists that this frustration goes away.

In the mean time, I’m gonna experiment a little with my hair this weekend and see what I can come up with by Monday. In these pics, I took two large three-strand twists down to make some bangs. I thought they turned out kinda cute. But since they were done with a high-water content moisturizer that has no setting power, I knew what little definition I had wouldn’t last long, and I was right. So I hurried up and took these pics to see what twist out bangs might look like.


Hmmm… I thought it looked kinda cute. So I washed the product out of the top, with a hand held shower attachment, holding my head over the bath tub. Then I saturated my hair with a strong holding gel and redid my two large three-strand twists.

Now I’m letting them dry. I’ll let them do so through Sunday and then take them down on Monday. If they look cute Monday morning, I’ll wear my bangs to work, if not, I’ll rewet my hair, and twist it back up.

I really hope this works out so wish me luck!

One Response to “Twistout Bangs”
  1. Jean Nash says:

    Your hair looks like it was having similar color problems as mine. I have found a few tips that have helped my color and my textures.

    1. Clairol Natural Instincts – a demi-permanent color treatment that colors the grey. I have gone for 1 month with out stressing that the grey is coming back too fast.
    2. My hair looks the best when it is wet, so I put product on when it is wet and the natural curl appears. I let it air dry and then try not to touch it all day – that is when it frizzes up. Also, I wash it 2 times a week and wet it in between…
    3. I read the book “Hair Rules” by Anthony Dickey and that made all the difference.
    4. I use a combination of products based on what I want to achieve for the day. Curl G”el Es’c, Jane Carter, Hair Rules (Anthony Dickey) they all are working well as long as I use Step 2 above. I use the Jane Carter Leave-in Conditioner after I shampoo or wet my hair and before I put on my other product.
    5. Never use a brush – a wide-tooth comb or my fingers is all I use. I threw the brush away.

    The Net Effect is that my hair has never looked this good before. And my husband even likes it. I am still in transition from my texturizer to my natural state, but my natural state used to be frizz and isn’t any more.

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