Getting Creative With Unconventional Hair Accessories

I picked this bracelette up at the Greek Festival today. It will double as an adorable hair accessory.

I picked this bracelette up at the Greek Festival today. It will double as an adorable hair accessory.

By now, y’all know I’m a hair accessory junkie. Can’t help myself, really and it keeps me from getting totally bored with my hair. And that can be easy to do since I tend to wear the same basic styles for weeks and sometimes months on end. So I’m always, always always on the look out for something new to put in my hair.

So today, my mom and I do our usual Saturday thing where we hit the Farmer’s Market down in the Old Market, and then head on over to the Greek Festival not to far away. I’ve never been and had fathomed that it would be a big to do with a carnaval-like atmosphere. Ha were we soooo disappointed. Altogether, there were a handful of food vendors, some Greek dancers, a beer garden, a childrens’ face-painting booth, and a few jewelry vendors and a lone t-shirt vendor. That was it. Hardly an event that was worthy of spending a whole bunch of time at today, nor was it in my estimation even worth the price of admission — $3. Thank goodness I had free tickets.

So after watching the dancers shortly after arriving, me and my mom made our way over to the jewelry booth to see if we could find something different or unusual that might beg to go home with us. And that’s when I spotted several bracelettes that I immediately decided would make great hair accessories. Now I wish I could take sole…ok any credit for the idea of using a bracelete as a hair accessory. Nope, that credit has to go to my friend, TryinItNatural. I did her hair for her last Thursday night, and she pulls out this stretchy-beaded-bracelette thingy that she wanted me to put around her bun. I did, and it turned out sooooo cute I was jealous. A) because I’d have never thought of that, and B) because I didn’t have one to put on my bun, lol.

TryinitNaturals stretchy bracelette wrapped around a bun

TryinitNatural's stretchy bracelette wrapped around a bun

Well now, it doesn’t at all surprise me that as I looked at the trays of bracelettes, I would automatically consider trying them in my hair. The vendors were only too happy to indulge me and even took pictures of several that I selected to put in my hair so I could see what they looked like and help me make up my mind on which one to purchase. The vendor’s 10-year-old son even offered his unsolicited opinion about which on looked best, saying that one of them matched my earrings. “Well that’s just what I think, anyway,” he said kinda shyly. I just smiled and told him I valued having a guy’s opinion. And truth be told, his rationale helped me make up my mind, and I ended up buying the one you see in the picture.

It’s adorable, don’t you think?

Well, it turns out I’m not the only nappy ’round these Internet parts that likes to use such items as hair accessories. Check out cNappymeNow member PJStyle, who recently posted in the thread “How are you wearing your hair today?”

PJStyles puff adorned with a scarf and pearl necklace

PJStyle's puff adorned with a scarf and pearl necklace

I think this is absolutely too adorable. To dress up her puff, she used a simple scarf and a necklace.  

“This is the style that I wore today,” said PJStyle. “I flat twisted 4 sections randomly then wrapped a black sateen scarf around the hair to create a puff towards the back. I added the necklace that matches my earrings and used it in my hair…LOL! This was done after a fresh shampoo (EverPure) and moisturizing with Cantu Shea Butter. I patted my puff to compact the hair.”

Check out the matching earrings. Lovely!

Check out the matching earrings. Lovely!









And Mwedzi, another cNappymeNow and NP member, who loves hairsticks has on occasion added knitting needles to her loose do the create a bun.

Knitting needles helped create Mwedzis bun

Knitting needles helped create Mwedzi's updo.









And NP’s mzjayluv has also gotten creative with bracelettes as well. Her multi-colored stretchie, wooden bracelette really puts the fun in her bun! 

A beautiful stretchie, wooden bracelette adorns msjayluvs bun

A beautiful stretchie, wooden bracelette adorns msjayluv's bun


In addition, NP’s Iluvekanye said she has used used colorful shoe strings to hold puffs, and rings to adorn her hair when she had locks. And GalaxyGirl2012 has gotten creative with earrings secured with bobbie pins.

“My favorites are feathered earrings chandelier style earrings, and other dangly styles,” said GG2012. “Oh yeah, tshirts as headwraps,” she said.

So next time you’re bored with your hair,  just know that it really doesn’t take much to dress it up and create a whole new look. And ya never know, you may already have something around the house that can double as a hair accessory, and that means you don’t even have to spend any additional money. So next time you get kinda bored with your hair, check your jewelry box, and see what you can come up with.

Have you ever tried this? Got pics? Please join in the fun and post a link to your pic and share how your unconventional hair accessory came about!


3 Responses to “Getting Creative With Unconventional Hair Accessories”
  1. Kimbi says:

    That’s my big sister PJStyle that you have featured here!!! She’s always so creative with her styles and so are you!!! I don’t manipulate and place to much in my hair like the two of you, but I love to see all the creative accessories!!!

  2. Senoj says:

    Love using jewelry as hair accessories. When I first went natural, it was the only thing that kept me from running back to the chemicals.

    Check my fotki for pics from the early years.

    Now I’ve gotten lazy with my hair. It’s just a ponytail of braids or twists using a cut off knee-hi.

  3. I loved your article! Thanks for sharing!

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