Crimped Bob… Pleasantly Surprised

All this week, I have been wearing my twists back into a french braid and tucked under. It’s ironic that forever, all I ever wanted was for my shrunken twists to sit on my shoulders. Now that they can, I don’t want my ends rubbing against my clothes like that. In addition to that, I … Continue reading

Beyond BSL.

Does it exist for me? My answer is, I’m not sure. Well, after several cuts to get rid of layers, I’m at BSL once again. While I’m very happy about that, reaching this goal again is rather anticlimatic. Most likely because it’s my third time around, so this time I have a been there done … Continue reading

Flat Twist/Twist Classic Bun w/a Twist

When you’ve gotta put your hair into some kinda protective style, but you really don’t have the energy or even a whole lot of time to spend on your hair, here’s a way to do it fairly quickly. You can cheat.┬áThis classic bun was put together with a combination of flat twists, twists and loose … Continue reading

Dry, Naked Shrunken Nappy Hair…What Was I thinking?????

I know I said I’d never do this, let my hair dry and shrink like this, but it wasn’t intentional. Last weekend, I dyed my hair. This time it was in flat twists and for what it’s worth, I think I got more even coverage this time. However, I don’t think I’ll do that again … Continue reading