Dry, Naked Shrunken Nappy Hair…What Was I thinking?????

I know I said I’d never do this, let my hair dry and shrink like this, but it wasn’t intentional. Last weekend, I dyed my hair. This time it was in flat twists and for what it’s worth, I think I got more even coverage this time. However, I don’t think I’ll do that again because I cannot continue to process the entire strand without damaging my hair. So from now on, I’ll only color when it’s in two strand twists.

Anyhoo, like I said, ending up with a head full of loose, naked hair was never my intention. After I got it colored, washed and conditioned, I set out to take each of my flat twists down one-by-one, detangle and then put  my hair in some big fat twists. I’d gotten three done, when I suddenly just didn’t feel like doing my hair any more. So dummy me, with my hair still pretty darned wet, I started taking my twists down, pulling out the noticeable tangles and knots and then just moving on to the next twist.

Shrinkage vs. actual length... Nappy hair is amazing, isn't it?

Well, before I know it, I was done. I sat and finished watching a movie and by the time it was over, my hair was totally dry to the touch. My hair is very porous and doesn’t hold water for long at all so it dries fairly quickly. I’m like uh…oh…I’m in for it now. Then it dawned on me to grab my camera and take some pics cause lawd knows I should never experience a bout of stupidity like this ever again. Leaving my hair loose to dry and shrink up like with no product on it.  What the heck was I thinking?????

Hmmm… apparently I wasn’t. But oh well, I left it like this for quite a while. But by bedtime, I was starting to get really, really concerned. There’s no way I could go to bed and leave my hair like this. What in the world was I gonna do. I’m sleepy dang it!

If it hadn't been for a bottle of Just For Me curl Smoother, detangling this stuff would have been a total nightmare.

Then I remembered. A week or so ago, based on a recommendation from someone on the Blackhairplanet.com hairboard, I picked up a bottle of Just For Me Curl Smoother. According to the lady, this stuff was really the business. So I jumped up and grabbed my bottle and went to the bathroom. Andja know what? Yeah, this stuff really is the business. It instantly and literally melted my napps, tangles and all down to total softeness. Do you get what I’m saying? TOTAL SOFTNESS.  My Denman brush glided through my hair. Ok???? In about 10-15 minutes, my hair was totally detangled and in about 8 big fat twists and I was ready to lay down and go to bed.

Bye bye?

After years of reliable service to my naps, will it be bye bye for my Proline Lite Creme Moisturizer?

Let me tell you I was sooooo ready to kick my trusty Proline Lite Creme Moisturizer to the curb for this stuff. Sever my long-term relationship with my reliable old moisturizer in the green tube for the product in this cute little bottle. My hair was soooo soft and it smelled sooooo good. So much so that I kept taking my twists and smelling them. Ok, that sounds weird. But it had this lite coconut scent to it that I couldn’t get enough of. Now usually, I’m so allergic to various scents and perfumes that I’d rather stuff didn’t have any smell to them. But if I get a whiff of something, and it doesn’t burn my eyes or send me into an allergic fit of sneezing and stuffiness and cause an instant headache, it’s a go with me.

But, before I could retire my trusty Proline and tell it to go kick rocks, the proof of the Smoother’s greatness would be determined by how soft my hair felt in the morning when it was dry. I mean, nearly every product I’ve ever used makes my hair feel great while it’s wet, but dry — that’s a whole nuther different nap altogether. Prior to using this product, my hair was dry as straw and felt like a softer version of a brillo pad. After I used it, my hair felt soft as cotton. But how would it feel in the morning?

The answer? Great! Well sort of. It felt kinda soft, but kinda chalky. In the light of the bathroom and looking in the mirror the next morning, I thought it looked kind of dull, like it had some kinda film on it. Hmmm…my imagination? Not sure. I took my twists down and applied more moisturizer. The directions say you can use it everyday so using it again shouldn’t be a problem. Right? So again, instant major softness as I put it in a puff. Then I got myself ready to leave and go to work.

As I was driving, I kept glancing at my hair in the rear view mirror. And I’m still thinking my hair doesn’t look quite right, but I put it out of my mind because there’s nothing I can do about it now.

But at lunch time, I’m in my car, and I look in the mirror again, and now I’m pretty sure it’s not my imagination. Not only does it look chalky, it looks like I have flecks of white residue in my hair. Yep…cause I can pic stuff out of my hair. Ewe, yuck…dang. And in spots, I can tell that I wasn’t able to spred the product evenly throughout. AND…I could brush at the surface of my hair with my hand and see the dusty residue coming out of my hair. Double ewe, yuck and dang. Ok, so you mean I was walking around all day with spots of white crap in my hair? Did anyone notice? Ok that bites. Now I’m gonna have to rinse this stuff out of my hair as soon as I get home. Totally friggin bites. And so, I guess that means I won’t be getting rid of my Proline moisturizer after all.

So that’s how I end up with wet hair pics. Might as well take advantage of this experience as a photo op as well. But I guess all wasn’t totally lost because what I learned was the Curl Smoother Creme is a wonderful product for detangling PRIOR to washing, but most def should NOT be used as a moisturizing, leave-in styling aide…not in the least. And for that reason, I won’t totally abandon this product. I’ll probably buy another bottle to use as a detangler. And with my head of thick nappy hair, that’s always a good reason to have an excellent kink busting product on hand.  

On some hairboard, someone had the nerve to say that I didn't have 4B hair. That I likely was a 4A. Yeah right. There ain't hardly a defined curl anywhere on my head. Ok...there is ONE rogue curl laying on a towel in this pic. Don't let it fool ya though, cause it's likely left over from one of the twists I took down. So trust me, there aint no curl, wave or coil definition on my head. NONE. So give it a rest...wouldja?

Wet Pictures: Totally sopping wet and no product whatsoever. From a texture stand point, my hair looks practically the same whether wet or dry. The only difference is, the weight of the water on my hair gives it a little hang time, but not much. And as you can see from both pics, my hair is a perfect example of what absolutely no curl definition looks like. It would never occur to me to try to define curls because except for that rogue curl sitting on my towel, I have none, nada, absolutely NO curls, coils or waves — wet or dry.

And so there you have it, a perfect example of straight up off the boat nappy, snappy, cNappy 4B hair.

9 Responses to “Dry, Naked Shrunken Nappy Hair…What Was I thinking?????”
  1. Anna Renee says:

    Girl you betta fight for your right to be a 4B! 😉

  2. Dee says:

    I’m so glad that you posted these pics. My hair texture is exactly like yours (probably a lot more B going on) and these pics prove a good point about 4b hair.

  3. Michelle says:

    My hair is also 4B. Your hair is beautiful!

  4. ms-gg says:

    I hate it when that happens! I bought a Soft and Beautiful product, I think it was the Coconut Creme or something like that, and whenever I add something else on top of it whether it be kinky kurly, aloe gel or curl activator, it leaves little white specks in my hair! Also, I say try it on freshy cleaned dry hair too, it might react differently. I know for me, things like shea butter tend to leave a film on my hair when it is damp and go on clear when it is dry. Just my two cents but I am in a desperate search for a moisturizer so I am going to be picking up a bottle of this stuff after class!

    • nappyme says:

      Hey ms-gg, thanks for stopping by. I did use it on clean dry hair the first time I tried it and it flaked up horribly when it was dry. So this mos def was not a case of product incompatibility.

  5. ms-gg says:

    You are so right. That stuff is horrible. I took it right back to Targe’ the next day.

  6. twist-n-shout says:

    your hair is just like mine! i’m so hype that i KNOW my hair can reach this length if i just do more protective styling. keep rocking that 4b hair!

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