Flat Twist/Twist Classic Bun w/a Twist

I've been tying my head up faithfully with a scarf and my hair has held up remakably well. So far it's been a week, and it's still looking good.

When you’ve gotta put your hair into some kinda protective style, but you really don’t have the energy or even a whole lot of time to spend on your hair, here’s a way to do it fairly quickly. You can cheat. This classic bun was put together with a combination of flat twists, twists and loose hair. The LOOSE hair is the key to being able to create this do without spending an inordinate amout of time on it.

Total time spent on my hair was about 2.5 hours as opposed to the five or six that it might take to two-strand twist my whole head and then style into a bun like I usually do.

The front/top/sides are flat twisted. Top also has three, three-strand twists for bangs. The back bottom third (ear to nape) is two-strand twisted. The back, upper two-thirds (ear to crown)  is loose. All the hair is pulled back and tucked into a bun. The loose hair serves as a form for the bun and gives it great volume. It’s all held in place by a jeweled clip.  

I’ve been tying my hair up faithfully every night with a long satin scarf, and it has lasted a whole week. I’m soo ecstatic about this. I took the clip out today so that I could make sure the loose hair wasn’t matting. I detangled lightly and put it all back into a bun. I’ma see if I can make it another week.

Personally, I think from a style perspective, it holds its own very well against all my dos that were fashioned from a head full of two strand twists.

Oh, and I haven’t really applied any additional moisturizer. Just to my bangs to keep my exposed ends from getting overly dried out. My hair, overall is dry to the touch, but it doesn’t feel bone dry and it doesn’t look that way either. Not sure why, especially since the weather has most definitely switched over to being cool, to cold and dry.

2 Responses to “Flat Twist/Twist Classic Bun w/a Twist”
  1. Mikou says:

    This is a good idea and it looks neat and elegant. I’m planning on putting my hair in braids for the winter, but I have to try this until I get it done.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    I love the few twists that you leave out, that’s so cute! I’ve been biting your style for the past two weeks and HAD to take it down because it was starting to lock up, even after I redid the twists. I might bite this one as well! napnatcool.blogspot.com

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