Beyond BSL.

Does it exist for me? My answer is, I’m not sure.

Well, after several cuts to get rid of layers, I’m at BSL once again. While I’m very happy about that, reaching this goal again is rather anticlimatic. Most likely because it’s my third time around, so this time I have a been there done that feeling. Kind of a let down. I know…crazy right?

So now I wonder, does beyond BSL exist for me? While I’m not sure that it does, that will no longer be my active focus. I know I’ve said that before and that seems to change everytime someone posts a picture of Sera or TallGirl’s hair. But for real, at least for the winter, I’m putting my mindset into total maintenance mode. My hair absolutely hates winter anyway so, from now to next spring, my total focus is happy healthy hair. I’ve got some breakage in the front on my right side to nurse anyhoo and last winter was pretty rough on my hair. I hate winter cause my hair doesn’t respond very well to my moisturizer and that makes for a long, long frustrating six months.

So that’s it. I can’t promise a bunch of new styles, so I’ll have to be very creative when it comes to blog topis. If there’s something topic you’d like me to touch on let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

4 Responses to “Beyond BSL.”
  1. NEA says:

    Hang in there! A lotta folks seems to be on a “nurse it back” mission. I was neglectful and under much stress, and I was rough with a few comb-outs, which resulted in me losing some hair to breakage. That’s new for me.

    Plus, I was still getting rid of some ends that still had some peroxide color from a LONG time ago. So, with the frequent trimming, I’m back to armpit length, stretched.

    I’m in two-strand twists, no “out” styles, and no heat, for six months (I’m already a month in).

    We’ll see…

  2. nappyme says:

    Hey girl!

    Yeah, I’ma hang in there for sure. You too. I so know what you mean about rushing and tearing through your hair. I’ve done that before too and the end results were not good.

    Anyhoo, good to see you out and about and coming over to visit me. Thanks for that, and thanks for the encouragement.

    God bless and take care,

  3. sundayzchild says:

    Hi NM Like NEA said hang in there…. I have heard of Sera, but who is tall girl?? not heard of her before

  4. Fal says:

    Hello there,

    I want to say I too live in a very wintry climate for 6 months. So, I can understand how that affects one’s ability to keep it moisturized. But what I love about our hair is that even when we can’t get it to do what we want it to do it still gives another chance to get it right the next day.

    But I am a little new to natural hair terminologies. What does BSL mean?

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