Question: Is Your Hair Touchable?

Last month, I had a series of doctors appointments, all of them related to my diabetes. I’m happy to say I got a clean bill of health.

One of them was a diabetic eye exam. It’s different from a regular eye exam in that they dilate your eyes and then tilt your head back as they shine a light into it while checking all corners of your eyeball to look for any damage that your disease may be causing. Uncontrolled blood sugar is a common cause diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness in people with diabetes.

Anyhoo, as he was tilting my head back, the doc had his hand on top of my head to position it as he saw fit. After the exam, it struck me that his hand was all over my head and boy was I glad that I had “touchable” hair.

Now I know a lot of black women are not fond of letting anyone touch their hair, especially if that touch is uninvited. Reasons range from not wanting their hair messed up and feeling like their personal space is being violated to not being outed that their hair is fake or being potentially embarrassed that someone will walk away with a greasy or wet hand full of product. Had my hair been freshly moisturized, the latter reason would have certainly applied to me.

And yes, I’d have to say I might have been a little embarrassed. But only on the first day of application is my hair untouchable. After that, my hair drinks up all the excess moisturizer and you can touch it with no problem.

So what about you? If someone were to put their hand in your hair, for any reason, is it touchable? Or would they have to wipe their hands?

Check out my new diabete blog Living My Best Life With Diabetes! You can follow along as I do my best to live with a disease that has now reached epidemic proportions in the US. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 24 million American have diabetes. Minorities are most likely to be affected, with blacks accounting for 11.8 percent of this total. Yes, I’m a statistic but I refuse to be a victim. So come follow my journey to better health. If you know a diabetic, share the link!

9 Responses to “Question: Is Your Hair Touchable?”
  1. Michelle says:

    I love your blog 🙂 Normally my hair is very touchable, but I just put in a sew in to give my hair a break over the winter months lol

  2. ms-gg says:

    Lol! Your story reminds me of when I was in high school and a guy friend of mine use to touch the girls hair and remark on how greasy it was! All of us ladies would say we needed the grease on our hair to keep it “moisturized.” If only I knew then what I know now!

  3. nappyme says:

    Guess nobody has touchable hair but me!

  4. mixie says:

    I love this post – and congrats on the clean bill of health, diabetic-wise. Gotta look after yourself good!

    I guess you really are the only one with touchable hair , lol!

    ,In the old Care-Free Curl days no-one, absolutely no-one, was allowed to touch my shiny, slimy hair. I was simply tired of straight haired folks seizing an opportunity to sneak a feel of my hair and then regretting it, as they tried to wipe the product off their hand without me seeing them!

    Things are much improved now – from 9.00 am onwards anyone can cop a feel of my mop-top, (as it will be dry by then) but woe betide anyone who touches it first thing in the morning when it is still wet with conditioner!

    • nappyme says:

      Mixie too funny and thanks for the well wishes. But I just know I couldn’t possibly be the only one with touchable hair. So where y’all at? And if it’s not touchable…why not?

  5. Molly says:

    You are not alone. Now that my hair is nappy I am OK with people touching my it. It’s strange because before when it was “straight” I always worried someone would mess up my hair or a clump would break off in their hand. Now I feel freer.

  6. b. says:

    Like I told my husband, “I didn’t pay $1000 for this hair…you can touch it.” If *I* can’t touch it, then something’s wrong! Thanks for pointing this out for the uninitiated who may not think about these things.

  7. AuNappturale says:

    My hair is totally touchable 2-3 days after a fresh wash & application of castor oil. Like your hair, it soaks up anything moisture-related. (Yeah, my hair’s touchable. Can’t keep my own hands out of it!)

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