Painful, Nasty Rash after Coloring…Oh My!

Ewe… I ended up getting this nasty rash after coloring my hair last Sunday. At first I just thought that I was pulling my braids too tightly into a ponytail cause by Monday afternoon, it hurt so bad that I took my barrette out. But just tilting my head back was painful. By Wednesday I … Continue reading

Product Review: Smooth and Shine Conditioning Gel

Well, since I’ve been going with box braids, I’ve been trying different things as of late. Kinda turning into a product junky. But wait, do I qualify as a PJ even if I use up my product before trying something new? So with my second set of braids, I used the Motions, Weightless Clear Hair Dressing. … Continue reading

Time for a Touch-up

Well, it’s time to touch up my roots with some color. Honestly, from a purely aesthetic stand point, I go too long between touch ups. In fact, it’s most likely been about three months since the last time I colored my roots. Part of it is sheer laziness and the other reason has more to do … Continue reading

Box Braids Revisited

Y’all might remember my first attempt at doing and wearing box braids. Did these (picture right) back in May. My intent was to do something similar to what T’Keyah Crystal Kemah does with her hair when she wears box braids. You know, the actress who played the mom in That’s So Raven and was also a Fly … Continue reading