Product Review: Smooth and Shine Conditioning Gel

Well, since I’ve been going with box braids, I’ve been trying different things as of late. Kinda turning into a product junky. But wait, do I qualify as a PJ even if I use up my product before trying something new?

So with my second set of braids, I used the Motions, Weightless Clear Hair Dressing. I liked it…it was ok, and I’d use it again. But as much as I liked it, I felt my hair needed to be better moisturized, but in a different way that what my Proline product does for me. That’s because, I’ve realized  that Proline leaves my hair too prone to shrinkage and frizzies when it’s in braids. It’s most noticeable along my front hairline where it’s really short and can tend to work it’s way out of the braid. So, when I used this up, instead going back to my regular moisturizer, I decided to try yet another product instead.

That turned out to be Super Shine, Smooth n Shine conditioning Gel, but it’s NOT what I originally set out to buy. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of it, but figured I’d remember the product by it’s packaging. Well, I went to two different places and no one seemed to carry it anymore. So I decided to purchase something similar instead and that was this Smooth n Shine stuff (Nappyme sucks in her breath in mock horror) it contains…shhh…don’t tell nobody…mineral oil. Oh no…that’s supposed to be bad for my nappy hair…not to mention the fact that I absolutely hate oil or grease in my hair. Hmmm…what to do.

But as I read the label, I liked the promised results:

This non-greasy gel moisturizes, conditions and creates intense shine to any hairstyle. Available in Super-Shine and Extra Hold formulas. (Question…this stuff contins mineral oil…so how could it NOT feel greasy or oily?) SMH

Well Sunday I got my color touched up, and I realized this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. This time I used Smooth and Shine Conditioning Gel Super Shine formula, which contains the DREADED ingredient mineral oil. But wait…I hate hate oil…remember?

Most products I try, really never deliver on natural hair, but seems to me I tried a similar product once and I liked the results. Although I couldn’t remember what it was called when I went looking for it, I figured I’d recognize the packaging. Well, I went to two different places and seems that no one carries it any more. So I settled for the Smooth n Shine hoping that yet another product wouldn’t let me down.

Here are the other ingredients:

Aqua (Water), Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Propylene Glycol, Oleth 5, Glycerin, DEA Oleth 3 Phosphate, PEG 60 Almond Glycerides, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Parfum (Fragrance), CI 17200 (Red 33)

Ok… mineral oil aside, it felt good going on and it did smooth my hair, knock out my shrinkage and tame my frizzies (even my my hair line) immediately, making it so much easier to work with. I applied liberally, brushed it through and braided it up. It looks well moisturized and has a wonderful healthy sheen to it.  I’m hoping my hair will absorb most of the product. I’ll just have to see. However, I suspect the oil is just going to sit on top of my hair. I may have to blot my braids with some tissue paper (the kind you use when you wrap presents) to tamp down the oiliness — cause right now, my hair is mos def NOT touchable. I suppose this is one of those times I’d most likely NOT appreciate someone wanting to touch my hair. Fortunately I rarely run into people who want to cop a feel. Thank goodness, cause today they’d certainly have to wipe their hands.

The water in the product combined with the mineral oil did leave my hair moisturized and very soft and supple. Hopefully, it won’t leave my hair crunchy when it finally dries.

Keeps fingers crossed. But right now, other than the oiliness, I’m loving the results.

3 Responses to “Product Review: Smooth and Shine Conditioning Gel”
  1. Dwana says:

    I never used this. Is it similar to the product Lets Jam? I haven’t used it in years but whenever, I get my hair (professionally) braided, my stylist uses it.

  2. TanaTiara says:

    @ Dwana….The Smooth and Shine is pretty much the same as Let’s Jam. It has (I think) all of the same ingredients including the MINERAL OIL :-D. I do find that when I use Let’s Jam that it doesn’t dry out after a while like most gels do. But like Nappyme says, it will leave your hair untouchable. I even hate touching it, that why I try not to use it much, unless I am going out and need some smoothing around the edges.

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