Time for a Touch-up

IMG_1098.jpg picture by NappymeWell, it’s time to touch up my roots with some color. Honestly, from a purely aesthetic stand point, I go too long between touch ups. In fact, it’s most likely been about three months since the last time I colored my roots. Part of it is sheer laziness and the other reason has more to do with the fact that I have a friend help me. I get it done at her house, and I can’t bring myself to bother her more than I do. Hence, the reason I go about two months or more before I get my roots done again.

Took down my braids and put my hair in twists. Very interesting texture going on as a result. Kinda pretty I think.

Anyhoo, at first, I was going to try to do it with my box braids in tact, but then decided I might have a hard time trying to get to my roots through the braids. So I took each one down, detangled a bit and then put my hair in twists.

The one thing that I’m starting to notice is that my ends seem thin and wispy. I’m not sure why. Well, maybe I do. I remember when I first colored my hair, I did a couple of full head applications — maybe three — trying to get just the right shade. This, I think, really did a number on my hair. I’ve since only put color on my roots, but I really think my ends have suffered from over processing. Just seems that my hair is thicker the closer you get to my scalp and gets thinner towards the ends. As a result, I may end up, cutting off several inches one of these days. I’ll hold out long as I can, but yeah, I do think a good cut is in the cards most likely sometime next spring.

In the meantime, I took this opportunity to take some miscellaneous pics before I run out of here to go get my hair colored. They’ll come in handy for something I’m sure.

Hair line breakage. Been battling this forever. My entire hairline is like this and it makes my braids and twists in the front and top very thin and wispy. I hate that.

Decided to pin my twists back on one side so they wouldn't look so wild. I gotta run a few errands before I go to my friend's house so I decided to try and look kinda cute. LOL!


In twists, I could only get an APL stretch, but loose, I can stretch it about another inch below APL.

2 Responses to “Time for a Touch-up”
  1. Poochie says:

    My hair is natural (afro), and I am thinking about coloring my hair as well. What brand name do you use or would recommend that is good for african-textured hair? Thanks!

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