Another Kitchen Update

Just when I thought my saga was over and my scalp was on the mend, I started noticing a ball of hair at the base of one my braids just behind my ear. So I took my braid down and my heart sank as I was able to pull this tuft hair away from my … Continue reading

Let’s Compare

Wowser, I was just looking at a pic that I took a couple of years ago of a twistout I did when I was totally too bored with my hair. Now I know that the hair stretches better in braids than it does with twists. But still, I think the progress made in the growth … Continue reading

My First Braidout!

Ok…this is a little misleading, cause it’s not like I wore my hair like this anywhere. I was taking my hair down from my box braids this afternoon in preparation for washing my hair and I thought my hair looked kinda cute. Well, really cute. So of course I broke out the camera. Although I’m … Continue reading

Are YOU Tenderheaded?

I was surfing the net today when I stumbled across a site called Tenderheaded Accessories. They sell a variety of hair products they say are safe and gentle on your hair. Some of the items that caught my eye include their collection of SEAMLESS, wide-tooth combs and tortoise shell hair pins. Take a look when you get … Continue reading

Double Braided Bun

Box braids: Week 8/Approximately 4 months to go… Ok… I keep looking for creative ways to keep my do interesting and creative ways to tuck away my ends. This weekend, I experimented with a lot of different ways to wear a ponytail. I’ve tried a high pony and tucked under ends. Didn’t like it. I’ve … Continue reading

Box Braid Update

About a month after I started wearing box braids, Blessings02 on (NP) started a six month box braid challenge thread. Well, since I was thinking about keeping mine in long-term, I decided to join up. I’ll keep mine in till about end of May or so.    So far, I’m loving it. The ease of … Continue reading

Rash Update

Seems to me it’s looking better. And if it’s not my imagination, from the pic on the right which I took this evening, it looks like I’m starting to see some new hair fill in already. It still itches like crazy though. In fact, my whole scalp does. I think this stuff really dried out … Continue reading