Box Braid Update

About a month after I started wearing box braids, Blessings02 on (NP) started a six month box braid challenge thread. Well, since I was thinking about keeping mine in long-term, I decided to join up. I’ll keep mine in till about end of May or so.   

So far, I’m loving it. The ease of maintaining box braids is like no other style, except perhaps cornrows. Right now, I can’t imagine wearing my hair any other way to get me through the winter months with little to no manipulation. So yesterday, I’m on NP and see that someone has updated the challenge thread. I start reading, and I run across an update from NaturalSoul who asks   

Anyone getting fro withdrawal yet?? I am completely. I need to learn to leave my hair alone!

I’m like are you kidding me?   

 Heck to the absolute N-A-W! I’m having way to much fun doing practically nothing with my hair except trying to decide how I’m going to dress up my ponytail to go with my outfit the next morning.   

So that prompted me to do a little photo shoot to have a litte fun with it all  

It's absolutely wonderful to see the fruits of all my labor.

See my top braid? My hair in the top and crown is now just below shoulder length. As much as I’d love to get rid of my last really prominent layer, I dang sure ain’t chopping off three inches to make that so. Maybe if my top ever gets to BSL, I’d consider chopping my lower layers up to meet it. I mean, that means my top would be pretty dang long. But from what I can tell, I’d have to gain another six inches or more in the top and if I could actually do that, it would take a least a year.

Ok…who am I kidding LOL. If I were to gain another six inches over all, I ain’t cuttin nuttin’ off! 
Tip: To make your braids thicker, try braiding the length of your strands loosely. That will give your strands room to expand within the confines of the braid and give it more volume. Other benefits of a looser braid means easier take downs, they’ll be less rigid AND this will also minimize some of that involuntary Pippy Longstocking curling of the ends.
Now I’m certainly no expert at wearing box braids as this is only my second set. But as usual, I’ll be happy to share what’s working for me. If you have any tips, feel free to drop some knowledge up in here, and I’ll do the same. 
One Response to “Box Braid Update”
  1. Robin says:

    Your braids look nice. u go sister. I like it.

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