Double Braided Bun

Box braids: Week 8/Approximately 4 months to go…

Ok… I keep looking for creative ways to keep my do interesting and creative ways to tuck away my ends. This weekend, I experimented with a lot of different ways to wear a ponytail. I’ve tried a high pony and tucked under ends. Didn’t like it. I’ve tried to make a long cornrow down the back. Nuh, uh. That didn’t work either. Then I tried to make a bun with a hair stick. That was kinda cute, but hair sticks pull  my hair. Then I tried taking the hair stick out and securing it with other things, clips, plastic hair pins Click to enlargeetc. That pulled my hair and scalp too no matter how I positioned them. And oh yeah, I did a knotted chignon…cute, but it didn’t stand a chance under my hood and quickly came undone. So I finally decided to pull my plaits back and create one large braid. I tucked it under and secured it with a plastic hair pin. Then I took a beaded bracelette, placed it over the braid and secured the ends with plastic hair pins.

Hmmm…me likey. If I can stand the hair pins against my scalp, I think I’ve got my do for the week.

Random thought: It just slays me when people question someone else’s desire for length. The last time I saw that questioned on a hair board, the poster wanted to know what the big deal was since nappy hair doesn’t show its length. Now I have long since stopped posting my reasons for being obsessed with wanting really long hair. But this time I did, and my answer is always the same. First, I want it simply because I want it. Second, although most natural styles don’t show true length, the length is there nonetheless, and there are things that I can do with 16 inches of nappy hair that I couldn’t have done with six. This style is mos def one of them. Although my braided bun is small, this do would not be possible if my hair wasn’t as long as it is now. So yes Virginia, length does have its advantages and wearing braids, depending on how you style them) can be one of the best ways to show off some of  that length.

8 Responses to “Double Braided Bun”
  1. Dwana says:

    First of all, I ♥ that style! Kudos on that clip, too. I’ve had a thing with hair pins since I was a child…a weird thing. I’d always have to put extras in because -out of habit- I would start to pull them out to scratch my scalp, clean my nails, scrap a surface, and anything else that would generally NOT bother me. Mrs. MacGyver? Maybe. I heard it was a habit of my grand- aunt.

    I can never understand why ANYONE would question ANYTHING about what the next person does with their hair (i.e. long, short, straight, curly, relaxed, natural) but great answer!

    • nappyme says:

      Thanks girl glad you like it. But shoot, I didn’t even make it to bed with those plastic hair pins on my scalp. I had to take them out. So I ended up wearing a barrette instead.

      And yeah…why is that? There are things that get questioned on hair boards that I really don’t get. My journey is very specific to me so what I want to get out of it is up to me and no one else. Ya know? Same goes for err’body else. You want what you want, so I say if it’s not unhealthy or unrealistic then shoot, go for it!

  2. Anna Renee says:

    Girl, you keep going for as much length as you can! I’m trying to do the same, simply cuz I wanna! I’ve been bragging you up on a number of blogs–I know we women want length! As much as possible, and we can have it!! Those folks complaining are just haters who don’t believe THEIR black hair can achieve length!

  3. mophead says:

    Your braids pulled back is so pretty. I cant wait till I can at least pull mine back. I am currently 7 months nappy.

  4. Jasmine says:

    very nice post!

    Have you ever checked any natural tutorials on youtube? This one girl prettydimples01 has some styles i’ve tried and they turned out pretty good.

    being natural is all about variety!

    Oh she also has some shea butter that I like at if you try it, let me know what you think!

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