My First Braidout!

IMG_1136-1.jpg picture by NappymeOk…this is a little misleading, cause it’s not like I wore my hair like this anywhere. I was taking my hair down from my box braids this afternoon in preparation for washing my hair and I thought my hair looked kinda cute. Well, really cute. So of course I broke out the camera. Although I’m not a fan of wearing my hair out, if I could figure out how to keep this definition, I’d consider wearing this style for a day. But as you can see, that even after weeks of wearing my hair in braids, my braidout is NOT that defined and trust me, this do wouldn’t last a half an hour as a style. So if I really wanted to wear a braidout, I’d have to use a strong holding gel.IMG_1130.jpg picture by Nappyme

My problem is that it’s been my experience that most holding gels end up flaking horribly after a couple of days. That usually makes me have to wash my hair loooong before I’m ready. So, I tend to stay away from these types of products and that also means I stay away from wearing my hair out as well.

Hence the reason for these pics…a girl can dream can’t she?

IMG_1135.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1132.gif picture by Nappyme

IMG_1129.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1128.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1126.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1125.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1123.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1139-1.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1139-1-1-1.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1137-1.jpg picture by Nappyme

10 Responses to “My First Braidout!”
  1. Shaunita says:

    fabulous! i think it was cool enough to go out in

  2. Robin says:

    Beautiful hair, I love it. I would like to know what could I use or how could we keep our hair like that, as a style for at least a week.

    • nappyme says:

      Thank you CoCo, Tashina, Robin and Shaunita. @ Tashina, my ends act stupid too so that’s another reason I have issues with twist and apparently too this braid out. Umm…my rash I just discovered a lock of hair behind my ear that came out at the scalp. So although I thought this drama was over…it apparently is not. ***Big sigh***

      @Robin, I hear ya. I do wish I could sleep wear my hair out…sleep on it, wake up, fluff and get up and go. Wouldn’t that be so nice? I would love to wear my hair out all big and full and beautiful.

  3. Tashina says:

    Your hair looks very healthy nappyme. I love the framed black and white photo. I don’t believe I can wear a braidout because my hair is quite fine (annoyingly fine really…with very string ends…truly multi-textured) and I will never put gel in my hair, ever.

    Is your scalp okay from the coloring incident?

  4. CoCo says:

    It looks really pretty!

  5. CaliGurl says:

    Hey NM, that style is so cute. If you want to recreate it, rebraid in the evenings and take out in the morning. That’s what I do and my hair seems to be quite similar to your. I don’t wear my hair out much but it is a nice surprise to see these wonderful braidouts.

  6. Tazz says:

    I thinks it looks pretty also!! It makes you look a lot younger. Have you tried using Aloe Vera Moist gel from nature with love?

  7. Millie-Pat says:

    Your hair has a beautiful style. However, I can only wear a braid out on damp hair, because once my hair is totally dry, there is no way to comb through it without causing major hair damage. This is because my scalp in the back has very coarse-kinky hair and in the front has coarse-wavy hair. I go to a braiding stylist for a two string twist and she always braids my hair damp. If I did my own hair, half the braids would be loose in one day, no kidding.

    Holding gels are a no no for me; they don’t work with my type of hair. Right now, I am staying to the products and routines that strengthen and promote my hair plus allow me to comb through it.

  8. Nicole says:

    Absolutely adorable!

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